Designer Favourbrook

Favourbrook launched in 1990 and has over two decades of experience in creating outstanding high quality men’s formalwear and wedding suits.

The select, devoted team are based in London and have a wealth of experience in tailored wedding attire and can work with you to help create the perfect garments for your wedding.

Choose an off the rack wedding suit, available in store or online, or personalise a Favourbrook classic wedding suit by picking your own fabric and fit – added a personal touch to a timeless look.

Finally, the faultless Favourbrook made to measure service allows you to truly have the wedding suit of your dreams. Taking your budget and body shape into account, one of the team at Favourbrook will work with you to make sure you have your perfect wedding suit.


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  • Favourbrook
Double Breasted Cream (FBM14)
8-button Ivory Ottoman (FBM14)
Woven Silk Tie Silver Ottoman
6-button Blue Galantha (FBM1g)
Double Breasted Lapel Yellow (FBM14)
6-button Jacquar Pink Galantha (FBM1g)
Douppion Silk Tie Sorbet
Morning Coat Black (FBMJ53b)
8-button Beige Hamilton Point (FBM14)
Silk Cravat Ivory Shantung
6-button Ivory/Gold Herald (FBM2)
Silk Cravat Pale Blue Shantung
Silk Cravat Sorbet Douppion
6-button White Paisley (FBM2)
1850s Victorian Morning Shirt (FBS1)
Morning Coat Black Gotha (FBMJ53b)
6-button Waistcoat Ivory / Blue (FBM19)
Stripe Trousers Wool (FBTR43)
Silk Jacquard Tie Blue Butterflies
Douppion Silk Tie Champagne
6-button Champagne Butterfly (FBM1g)
Stripe Trousers Wool (FBTR1)