Catering needed but no kitchen!

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  • Posted: 3 Dec 2019 14:09

    Catering needed but no kitchen!


    We're getting married in June 2020 in a barn in London that we absolutely love but have 1 major challenge- it has no catering facilities :(

    It's a listed building and they don't allow gas on the premises so any cooking has to be done outside. They've told us that caterers usually set-up a mobile kitchen in the courtyard & cook there. There's a room between the courtyard & the barn which has electricity & a couple of sinks which can be used for prep, plating up etc.

    We don't need any furniture but would like the caterer to provide cutlery, crockery & linen if possible.

    I've been on the hunt for a caterer since June and am really struggling now. We don't want a formal plated dinner- buffet or family sharing style is preferred. I'm finding that the costs are astronomical because most caterers are saying they have to hire in all the equipment they need. We've even considered street food vans but don't want to take the risks of guests having to go outside for food just in case it rains (but I'm sure it'll be a gloriously sunny day !!)

    Not sure what to do now. Any help or suggestions gratefully received!

    Thank you :)

  • Posted: 4 Dec 2019 14:23

    Re: Catering needed but no kitchen!

    Would you be happy with a cold buffet? If so it might be worth asking caterers for the cost of that? Also with that option you might be able to get food from other places, I know M&S and Waitrose do party food but I assume there are lots of options.

    I think food trucks could be a great idea - it depends how many guests you have but will they have to line up individually? If so maybe it's worth asking whether they can do platters / sharing dishes as well / instead of their usual dishes - these should be easier to transport if it does rain and cut down on waiting time.

  • Posted: 9 Dec 2019 16:32

    Re: Catering needed but no kitchen!

    Ideally we'd like hot food - but am beginning to think that cold food may be the only way to go. 


    I will get back in touch with some of the food truck to see if they are able to do sharing platters- good shout. Thanks!

  • Posted: 9 Dec 2019 16:35

    Re: Catering needed but no kitchen!

    Ideally we'd like hot food :) Hopefully it's be a lovely warm day but I think even our all day guests will appreciate a hot meal :)

    Good shout on the food trucks- I'll get back in touch to see if they can offer sharing platters x

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