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Designer Little Bevan

Little Bevan designs and creates adorable and enchanting special occasion wear for little ones, and has Bella Bevan to cater to teens and adults too.

The Little Bevan Star collection is a ready to wear range of wedding wear for boys, girls and babies. Consisting of the most popular styles and colours, each item is finished to the same quality as the couture designs.

Little Bevan Angel sees made to order designs for girls crafted with lace trims, detailed silk fabric and sprinkles of beading. The Couture service at Little Bevan allows you to have a hand in designing individual and unique creations for the little ones at your wedding.


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  • Little Bevan
Alice with Willow Sash
Amy with Blue Ice Sash
Briony & Bethany
Baby Alice
Daisy with Shell Sash
Belinda with Mermaid Peplum
Abbie & Coco
Silk Waistcoat
Bonnie with Sherry Sash
Amy Jewel
Silk Knickerbockers
Elizabeth with Celadon Sash
Amelia Jewell
Josephine for Teens
Angel with Lemon Lace