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  • Posted: 8 Jan 2020 13:16

    Venue help


    I’m completely stuck with finding a venue for our wedding. I have looked at abroad and in the U.K. and just inundated with options. 

    We live in the midlands. We’d like up to 35 guests at the wedding but also somewhere we can all stay that night and potentially the night before. We would like something laid back and relaxed. We don’t want a top table, cutting of a cake or first dance with disco. But more good food and socialising after the ceremony. 

    Weve decided to not go abroad as some family member cannot fly due to health reasons. But happy to travel around U.K.  

    please share your ideas as everything I’ve seen in the U.K. so far are all very traditional packages. 



  • Posted: 8 Jan 2020 15:55

    Re: Venue help

    Midlands area - I am based in Leicester and photographed many low key weddings and have a few venue options and ideas / advice for you if you want to drop me an email I may be able to help.

  • Posted: 11 Jan 2020 19:07

    Re: Venue help

    For that number, I'd ditch the 'wedding venues' and just look for an inn/hotel that does great food.

    We're getting married in June and have a maximum of 30 people.  Like you, we found the traditional wedding venues were just way too formal and fussy for our needs.  We just wanted a nice meal in pleasant surroundings and the chance to relax with friends.  We've booked a private dining room in a country inn which does great food. (They have done weddings in the past, but don't market themselves as a 'wedding venue')  The room opens out onto lovely gardens, it's a really relaxed atmosphere and they've said because our numbers are so small, the guests can order anything they like off the menu as long as the order is placed a week in advance.  Even if everyone orders the most expensive menu option, we'll still end up paying less than the cheapest of the official 'wedding venues'!

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