UK Honeymoons- I'm doing some research if anyone can help?

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  • Posted: 26 Jun 2018 10:09

    UK Honeymoons- I'm doing some research if anyone can help?

    As the title says really- I'm doing some research into UK honeymoons & if anyone could help, this old hitched bride would be so grateful!



    So here is my really weird, research question; did anyone HONEYMOON in the UK? NOT a mini-moon, your actual honeymoon? Preferably in past 5ish years. I need figures & possible quotes for research I'm doing- can anyone help? As I say I'm talking your proper Honeymoon, not a mini-moon. Sorry for such an unusual question! Thanks chums! :)

    As brides & grooms to be, if you are PLANNING a UK ONLY honeymoon please consider yourself included in my target & reply if you can- many thanks again <3 xxx

    If you so far feel this post applies to you, would you kindly be able to answer the following?

    -Why did you choose to Honeymoon in the UK?

    -What made you certain that this would be your actual Honeymoon, rather than just a mini-moon?

    -Was price ever a factor or was it more about loving the spot your chose?

    -Where did you choose in the UK and why (do feel free to name names of specific hotels!)?

    -What was the reaction of family and/or friends when you told them that your full, actual Honeymoon was going to be in the UK? Were any openly derisive (if so how rude of them!)?

    -Did your hotel/cottage/Honeymoon venue ever assume it was a mini-moon or were they aware that this was your full blown Honeymoon?

    -Did your chosen hotel/cottage/venue, organise anything special for you?

    -Did it feel more special and different to a UK staycation?

    -Did you treat yourself to something you wouldn't normally, e.g. Dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant?

    -Did you Honeymoon in the UK due to a fear of flying/boats?

    -Would you recommend a UK Honeymoon to other couples?

    -What is the best thing about having a UK Honeymoon?

    -Any drawbacks to it?

    -Would you like to add anything?

    With many, MANY thanks- I am beyond grateful to anyone who can assist me with this research!

    You can either answer here in the comments section or if you have a lot to say or would prefer to keep your thoughts more private and just between us, please e-mail me the answers at:

    Thank you again SO much!

  • Posted: 7 Aug 2018 13:51

    Re: UK Honeymoons- I'm doing some research if anyone can help?

    Hi! thats a lot of questions!


    firstly i'll say that originally we were going to have a mini-moon in cornwall but actually this is now going to be our only honeymoon as we intend to use any cash gifts towards buying a house, rather than a honeymoon as we originally thought.


    we've booked an airbnb in a lovely private space, in a small village in cornwall and i told her it would be for our honeymoon. we're staying for a full week and we both like to do lots of activities so it's been good for us as there's so much to do. 

    we're going surfing and to the eden project and we're planning more. we can easily call local restaurants and speak to them about reservations and menus, and since we're taking our car we can explore more of the things around us.

    my family are really pleased, my friends think it's lovely that we're having a staycation- nobody has turned their nose up and quite frankly i'd be offended if they did!

    i'm not looking forward to the big drive but i am looking forward to the time, space and tranquility. staying in the UK means no crazy packing, no running for flights and slightly less organisation.

    i'm also a fussy eater so being able to self-cater and know there's a tesco nearby is really useful 

    i would have loved the big holiday to australia or new zealand but I'm more excited about is being able to use the money towards something concrete by buying our first home and that is more exciting! we can go on a big holiday in a point in our lives where its better for us and that's something to look forward to

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