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  • Posted: 4 Oct 2018 22:48

    Polaroid Guestbook

    Hi Ladies!


    My big day is getting closer now super-fast! Although I can't wait for it, it is a bit scary how fast time flies.


    Anyway, does anyone have experience with Polaroid or Instax cameras? My H2B and I are thinking of putting an instant camera next to our guestbook, so peeps can stick a selfie in the book. Anyone did this? How'd that gone down with guests?


    We're not sure where to get the instant camera from, we found http://yoursnap.com/, but the films are awefully expensive there... We also came across https://instahamper.co.uk, but can't find many reviews, does anyone have any experience with them? Or do you have any other recommendations?


    Thank you already so much!


  • Posted: 12 Oct 2018 9:38

    Re: Polaroid Guestbook

    It's a very expensive way of getting low quality photos!  For what you'd pay you might as well book a photo booth that does a guest book option.  Many have an add-on service where they print 2 of each photo. One for the guest and the other for the book.

  • Posted: 12 Oct 2018 13:37

    Re: Polaroid Guestbook

    I've notcied quite a few instant cameras for sale on local wedding facebook selling pages so you might find some there. Kind of agree that the photos aren't always great but think the fun had taking them outweighs this! 

  • Posted: 20 Oct 2018 10:22

    Re: Polaroid Guestbook

    It might be worth making sure that you nominate someone to keep an eye on the station over the course of the evening, to make sure that everything is working, print media has not run out, batteries are not flat, glue and pens have not gone missing etc. Smile

  • Posted: 20 Oct 2018 20:50

    Re: Polaroid Guestbook

    I will also be dong the polaroid camera for my wedding reception in 3 months time... (eeek!!!) I bought my polaroid camera on ebay second hand, average price seems to be around £40... yes the films are very expensive too. I found an ebay seller that sales 2 x 10 sheets for around £10 which isn't too bad, agree with the other comments for nominating someone to keep an eye on the station. Ive already had comments from a guest wanting to help themselves to polariods to take home - but they are so expensive I hope they just use the camera for what its intended for... (hope im not coming across to 'Bridezilla' like !) 


    for the guest book to stick them in, I highly recommend taking a look at paper chase online as they have a really good sale on wedding stationary at the moment. 


    I have ordered a 'snap it, stick it, leave a message' sign from ebay (around £5) then bought a mini easel from The Works (£2) for the sign to sit on


    Hope this helps! x

  • Posted: 21 Oct 2018 7:17

    Re: Polaroid Guestbook

    We’re hoping to do this too! Love the idea of guests being able to take snapshots/selfie’s to include within the guestbook. 

    Would love to know where you end up getting the camera from! We had looked at instahamper too but are also considering just buying the camera outright as I would quite like one anyway! I might have a little look on EBay too! 



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