Maid of honour and no other bridesmaids?

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  • Posted: 12 Nov 2019 15:03

    Maid of honour and no other bridesmaids?

    We've decided to only have a Maid of Honour and a Best Man at our wedding for a few reasons, but I'm worried that my best friend won't want to take on the role without there being any other bridesmaids to support with the hen do (I'm not really expecting her to help with any of the actual wedding planning, just the hen do and having her with me on the day), and I don't really have anyone else that I'm close to enough to ask instead.


    What ways can I help ease any worries she may have about organising the hen do essentially on her own, other than telling her that I don't want anything major and that I'll help with the logistics? Any advice would be much appreciated please!


    I haven't asked her yet (so might be worrying over nothing) but want to be prepared to offer solutions to any worries in terms of being the only one that she might have.


    Thanks! x

  • Posted: 12 Nov 2019 15:39

    Re: Maid of honour and no other bridesmaids?

    The only way to know is to ask! Is there anyone else that you could ask to lend a hand with organising the hen party? Surely if you're having a hen party there are other women being invited - could some of them help even if they're not the bridesmaids? Normally people are up for lending a hand! You could always ask your mum (or even future mother-in-law!) to help if you wanted to.

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