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  • Posted: 12 Jul 2019 16:09

    Confetti quantity


    I'm getting conflicting info on the quantity of confetti to order and wondered how much other people have ordered? Adam Apple say 1L fills 12 cones or 20 packets but I saw someone ordered 2L and got 50 cones out of it PLUS SPARE! I have around 70ish guests and I want to put 1 packet on each chair so figure I need 4L. Advice appreciated! 


  • Posted: 13 Jul 2019 11:58

    Re: Confetti quantity

    Most places I looked advised 1 litre would do 10-12 handfuls. We've got about 90 guest coming, and have ordered 5 litres - as I would like a good confetti shot. I'm putting them in small chiffon bags. Probably do everyone on the front row/aisle, then every other. I've also ordered another litre to go in the baskets of my flowergirls. Any extra from the bags I'll just chuck in there.

    I would definitely go with what they've suggested, as that seems to be the norm from what I've seen. For clarity, look at a jug to see how big a litre is - I have no idea how someone got 50 cones from 2 litres!

    Hope this helps! X

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