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  • Posted: 16 Oct 2019 14:19

    Bandeoke Rockeoke

    Hi. We have been discussing the possibility of having a bandeoke/rockeoke style band at our wedding and wondered if anyone else had gone for it and how it went ?  Obviously worried that with too many bad singers the dance floor empties out and/or the flow of the evening is ruined waiting between  songs for people to be found and or switch over. Any comments or band recommendations also welcome!

    All our love Joe and Sarah.   Date set for 7th March 2020


  • Posted: 21 Oct 2019 8:29

    Re: Bandeoke Rockeoke


    some friends of mine had it and it generally went down well. A lot of their friends do Am Dram so there were a lot of good singers though! Only thing I’d say is people didn’t really get up and dance for it and people properly danced once the DJ music was on, but it was different and people got stuck in and more sang than I expected.

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