Hitched Limited Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates Users’ access to and use of the services included on www.hitched.co.uk (the “Website”).

Hitched Limited (hereinafter, “Hitched”) takes its obligations under applicable personal data protection legislation and regulations seriously and is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

This Privacy Policy sets out the basis on which we will process any personal information that we may collect about you as a visitor to the Website or our premises, or a contact at one of our customers or other business partners.

  1. Hitched acting as Controller

We hereby inform you that Hitched, with registered office at 6A Austin Friars, London EC2N 2HA, United Kingdom and email address gdpr@hitched.co.uk, is the Controller of your personal data in all situations except where set out in section 2 of this Privacy Notice (where Hitched will act as Data Processor).

  1. Hitched acting as Data Processor

Hitched shall act as the Data Processor in relation to the following services/categories of personal data:

  • Guest list.
  • Images published by the Users.
  • Data related to the User’s spouse.
  • Vendors’ contact details provided by Users as part of the content provided by such users.
  • Users’ personal data used by the vendors while they use Hitched tools.
  • Contributions to the Hitched forum.
  • Communications, including newsletters and other User emails.
  • Sweepstakes, User competitions or awards.
  • Other services provided on the Website.

The Controller of the data provided in relation to those services rendered by Hitched shall be the actual User and consumer (bride, groom or similar), who must comply with the data protection regulations, which in some cases may including having (i) obtained consent from the data subjects for processing their personal data and (ii) applied all the guarantees required for processing their personal data.

The User shall be responsible at all times for the images published and the names included. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Hitched has the power to remove the content if it is illegal.

When acting as Data Processor, Hitched shall handle the data in accordance with the requirements of applicable data protection laws and regulations.

  1. Where has personal data processed by Hitched been obtained from?

Information that you give us: The personal data to be processed by Hitched when it is acting as Controller shall be the personal data that the User has provided to Hitched when completing the online registration form on the Website, other forms or agreements, through social media, through the customer service or through any other means of communication (chats, telephone calls, emails, etc.).

Regarding social media, the privacy policy envisaged therein shall be applied.

Information received from Immediate Media Company Limited: In addition, Hitched may have received your personal data from Immediate Media Company Limited, as part of a change of corporate ownership which occurred on 31 January 2020. For more information about this, please contact us at gdpr@hitched.co.uk.

Information that our Website and other systems collect about you: When you visit our Website it will automatically connect some information about you and your visit, including the Internet protocol (IP) address used to connect your device to the Internet and some other information such as your browser type and version and the pages on the sites that you visit.

Our Website may also download “cookies” to your device – this is described in our separate Cookie Policy available at https://www.hitched.co.uk/about/cookie-policy/.

If you exchange emails, telephone conversations or other electronic communications with our employees and other staff members, our information technology systems will record details of those conversations, sometimes including their content.

Some of our premises have closed circuit TV systems which may record you if you visit our premises, for security and safety purposes.

  1. Categories of the personal data processed

The categories of personal data which Hitched may process are as follows:

Users (consumers) (brides/grooms/guests):

  • Identification data: First name, last name, image, identity number, social media username (full name if the person accesses or interacts through social media).
  • Contact data: Telephone number, email address, postal address, social media username (email if the person accesses or interacts through social media).
  • Personal data: Date of birth, place of birth, nationality, gender.
  • Economic-financial data: Bank data (if this applies).

Professional users:

  • Identification data: First name, last name.
  • Corporate contact data: Telephone number, email address, registered office.
  • Business data: Activity and business. Data included in the professional’s data sheet/profile.

Users accept that, once they register, their photographs and user profile will be publicly visible for the other users Hitched as well as on the various Internet search engines.

In the event that Users’ data are collected through social media, the applicable privacy policy shall be that of the specific social media site.

  1. Mandatory or optional information provided by Users and veracity of the data

The fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the registration form to be completed by the Users are mandatory so that the request can be met; the other fields are voluntary.

Likewise, when the data are provided through any other means, at the time of processing the Users shall be notified whether or not it is mandatory to provide such data.

The Users guarantee that the personal data provided to Hitched are truthful and up-to-date, and Users are responsible for notifying any changes thereto. Users shall be the only parties responsible for providing inaccurate or false data and for the harm that this may cause to Hitched or to third parties as a result of using the services provided by Hitched. Likewise, Hitched states that the data that it collects are adequate, pertinent and not excessive in relation to its specific scope, purposes and services.

  1. Purpose and legitimacy of the processing

The Users’ data provided to Hitched through any means so that Hitched can render the services required by them are processed for the following purposes:

  • Enable Users to rapidly and easily search for companies that provide the services and products related to the wedding event by province, activity sector, type of service and location.
  • Advertise the services and products of wedding-related companies by creating a data sheet with their contact details, location, service and/or product description and photographs, where applicable.
  • Facilitate contact between the companies which advertise their products or services on the Website and the users interested in them via information requests through emails, forms and telephone calls.
  • Enable Users to create a personal data sheet that can be accessed by the other Website users.
  • Provide Users with all the information required to hold a wedding through articles and advice published on the Website.
  • Create a Website forum for participation so that all the Users, whether or not they are registered, can access it.
  • Maintain regular and dynamic communication with the Users through any means, including social media and instant messaging. In such cases, without prejudice to applying Hitched Privacy Policy, the privacy policy of the corresponding social media or instant messaging service shall also be applied. Our recommendation is to analyse the privacy policy in detail.
  • Record the telephone calls with the aim of ensuring the service quality and monitoring how the incidents are resolved.

Hitched may legitimately process the Users’ data for the aforementioned purposes so that it can comply with its legal and contractual obligations as a result of the requests made by Users.

The Users’ data provided to Hitched through any means shall also be processed for the following purposes:

  • Analyse the data for training and/or statistical purposes. Carry out the basic activities to analyse the content of the information provided and draft the profiles to appropriately manage the activities and services provided by Hitched and the Website.
  • Record the telephone calls with the aim of ensuring the service quality and monitoring how the incidents are resolved.

Hitched may legitimately process the Users’ data for the aforementioned purposes since it has a legitimate business interest, and so that it can provide the service properly.

Likewise, the Users’ data provided to Hitched through any means shall also be processed for the following purpose:

  • Provided you have consented to receiving direct marketing communications from Hitched (or, if not, an applicable exception applies), to send electronic communications of the promotions and information about the services provided by the companies with which Hitched has commercial agreements (this also includes its own commercial communications as well as those of professional users and third parties), related to the wedding industry and to the needs or interests that the engaged couple may have during the wedding organisation process given the nature and purpose of the services provided by Hitched. For such purpose, it is understood that the wedding products or services are all the products and services included on the Website at present and in the future as well as any products, services or campaigns specifically aimed at weddings.

Such promotional electronic communications shall be sent throughout the relationship between the Users and Hitched and even after it has ended, provided that the Users have consented to receiving such direct marketing communications (or, if not, an applicable exception applies) and have not requested that their consent be revoked or otherwise stated that they would no longer like to receive such communications.

Hitched has established mechanisms through which the Users who request this can change or delete such services in a simple and fast way and free of charge: (i) through the user menu by disabling the “Send” option in the “Notifications” subsection included in the “My account” section, (ii) following the instructions stated at the bottom of the electronic communications, or (iii) contacting us using the address specified in the “Contact” section below.

Hitched may legitimately process the Users’ data for the purposes of sending direct marketing communications (i) in the event that the Users gave their consent or (ii) in the event that the information is about products and services similar to those addressed by a previous sale or negotiation, provided that the Users did not decide to stop receiving such communications (the applicable exception).

  1. Automated decisions

Hitched shall not adopt decisions which may affect the Users based only on the automated processing of their personal data. All the decision-making processes related to the aforementioned purposes of the processing are carried out with human involvement.

  1. Transfer of personal data to third parties

As a result of the nature of the service and with the aim of complying with the obligations arising from the services arranged by the Users, it may be necessary to share Users’ data with all the following recipients in order to comply with contractual obligations.

In addition, the Users’ data may be transferred to the recipients stated below for the reasons stated below:

  • Public authorities: to comply with the legal obligations to which Hitched is subject as a result of its activity.
  • Suppliers which need to access the data to provide the services which Hitched has arranged with those suppliers and with which Hitched has signed the necessary confidentiality and personal data processing agreements required by the privacy protection regulations.
  • To other members of the Hitched group of companies.
  • To partners who run any events that you sign up to through our Website
  • To a person or company who takes over our business and assets, or relevant parts of them.
  • In exceptional circumstances, where we are required by law to disclose to another party.

In the event that Hitched has to transfer personal data in the future, it will (where permitted by law) notify the Users accordingly.

  1. International transfers of personal data

In accordance with the provisions of the personal data protection regulations in force, to properly provide the services offered by the Website, Hitched hereby informs the Users that the personal data that they supply to the Website shall be transferred to the parent operating company of the business group to which Hitched belongs, that is, the US company The Knot Worldwide Inc., with which the corresponding standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission have been signed.

Likewise, Hitched hereby informs that it has arranged the services of technology providers located in countries whose regulations are not equivalent to the EU and UK regulations (“Third Countries”). Those providers have signed confidentiality and data processing agreements with Hitched as required by the regulations for suppliers located in Third Countries, applying the necessary guarantees and safeguards to maintain their privacy.

To obtain more information about the guarantees in relation to the international transfers of personal data, please contact Hitched by sending an email to gdpr@hitched.co.uk.

  1. Retention period

The Users’ data shall be retained while the relationship with Hitched is maintained and, once that relationship ends for whatever reason, during the applicable legal statute of limitations with respect to the legitimate purposes for processing that personal data.

After the relationship ends, the personal data shall be processed for the sole purpose of accrediting complying with our legal or contractual obligations. Once those statute-of-limitation periods end, the Users’ data shall be deleted or, alternately, anonymised.

When the Users request to unsubscribe from the service, Hitched shall deal with this by deleting the Users’ profile photo and identification data from the Website (first name, last name and email address), while retaining the rest of the content which the Users have published on the Website.

  1. Data subjects’ rights and claims

Users have the following rights in relation to their personal data:

  • A right of access to the personal data that we hold about you, and to some related information, under applicable data protection law and regulation. We will provide you with one copy of your personal data free of charge, but we may charge you a fee to cover our administrative expenses if you request further copies of the same information.
  • A right to require any inaccurate personal data that we hold about you to be corrected or deleted.
  • A right to object to our use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes at any time.
  • A right to object to our processing of some or all of your personal data (and require it to be deleted).
  • A right to data portability, which means the right to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

Such rights can be made effective through the Website settings themselves. In the event that problems occur when making this effective online or if doubts or controversies arise regarding our data protection policy, you can directly contact gdpr@hitched.co.uk, stating the subject.

If you consider that the processing of your personal data breaches the regulations or your rights, you can file a complaint at the Information Commissioner’s Office (the UK data protection regulator).

  1. Data of minors

Providing the personal data of minors and, in particular, their image to the Website expressly implies that, without reservation, the Users who provide them:

  • Hold the necessary rights to use the data or image of the minors.
  • Ensure that the stated data do not jeopardise the minors in any way whatsoever or harm any of their rights.
  • Expressly exonerate Hitched from any potential claims arising from this, where the Users assume that they provided the information with the full liabilities arising from such claims.
  1. Security

Hitched has adopted appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of the personal data and prevent their alteration, loss or unauthorised processing or access, based on the state of the technology, the nature of the supplied data and the risks to which they are exposed.

  1. Cookies and IPs

Our Website traffic analyser uses cookies and IP tracking which enable us to collect data for statistical purposes such as, among other things, the date of the first visit, the number of visits made, the date of the last visit, the URL and the domain name of the previous website, the browser used and the screen resolution. Nevertheless, if the Users wish, they can disable and/or delete such cookies by following the instructions on their Internet browser.

If you want to know more about our Cookie Policy, you can access it through the following link: hitched.co.uk/cookie-policy

  1. Contact

You can contact Hitched by writing to gdpr@hitched.co.uk or via mail to our principal offices at c/o Hitched Limited, 44 Brook Green, Hammersmith, London, W6 7BT, United Kingdom.