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  • Toodles

    Best say goodbye to all my lovely OM ladies as well. I shall see you all in a couple of weeks after my honeymoon.

    It's been a pleasure getting to know all of you over this past year or so, your advice has been invaluable Fluffy



  • Re: Toodles

    Eeep!  Hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow :)

    My computer likes to repeat itself.

    My computer likes to repeat itself.

    My computer likes to repeat itself.

  • Re: Toodles


    Have the most amazing day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am an Otter. I keep my favourite rock in my pocket.

  • Re: Toodles

    good luck Pinky! It'll be amazing.

  • Re: Toodles

    • ATB
    • Joined on 15 Mar 2011
    • Glasgow
    • Posts

    Good luck - have an amazing day!!

    Otters pick each other up off the floor....


    No longer Always_The_Bridesmaid!



  • Re: Toodles

    • sal.san
    • Joined on 11 Nov 2010
    • Newport, South Wales
    • Posts

    Ta-ra for now!  Hope you have an amazing day.

  • Re: Toodles

    Bounce Good luck

  • Re: Toodles

    Enjoy every minute Pinky. If I'm in town tomor I may have a quick lurk about Laugh

    Otterly amazing

  • Re: Toodles

    Best of luck, have an amazing day!! :)


  • Re: Toodles

    Have a wonderful day Pinky!! Bounce jx

    Member of the OM club since 7th July 2012
  • Re: Toodles

    YAY, I'M A MRS!!

    Quick message before we jet off on honeymoon to say we had an absolutely incredible day, apart from the weather we couldn't have asked for it to go any better, but even the bit of rain we got didn't put a dampener on the day in the slightest.

    Will be back in a couple of weeks Wave

    May as well do a cheeky flash whilst I'm at it

  • Re: Toodles

    awww congrats, your pic is sooo gorgeous!

    A happy OM since April 2012 Smile

  • Re: Toodles

    • *Mini*
    • Joined on 3 Jan 2011
    • Actually joined 15th May 2010
    • Posts

    Pinky- you is HOT!

    Congrats Mrs, see you when you are back.

    "I'm a bitter old married. I skulk around weddings forums drinking wine and dispensing bad advice." JBTS- 2012 

    Bitter, blunt , second best and slightly scary- whats not to love? 

  • Re: Toodles

    Congratulations Mrs.

    Gorgeous pic. X




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