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Beautiful Wedding Videos that Capture Your Big Day, Perfectly
After months of dedicated planning, you want memories of your wedding day to last long after the celebration is complete. And with a cinematic wedding film shot and produced by TV professionals, you can replay the magic – whenever you choose.

Our expert filmmakers capture the emotion, atmosphere, and memories of your big day; from the telling facial expressions, to the detail of your venue (even the pre-wedding preparations and evening festivities if you like), and turn your memories into a magical wedding film that you’ll want to watch again and again.

A cinematic experience for your big wedding day
Hi, I’m Stuart Whitehouse – Creative Head of Beautiful Wedding Videos. As a professional TV cameraman and wedding videographer, I’ve spent over 15 years filming around the world for the likes of the BBC and ITV.

I’ve worked on TV ads with James Nesbitt and documentaries with Ben Fogle – I’ve even worked on commissions for Ozzy! This means I won’t just “point and shoot.” Instead, you’ll benefit from my vast industry experience and creative ability to tell a memorable story through film.

On your big day, you can trust me to know exactly what shots will work and what material is needed to create your exquisite wedding movie. It’s my job to ensure nothing is missed and that you look stunning, and I promise you’ll be delighted with the content and sentiment of every frame!

Spontaneous – not scripted 
I guarantee that filming will never get in the way of your celebration. In fact, we’re so discrete you’ll quickly forget we’re even there. We take the time to figure out the best filming positions, and use extra-long lenses to get us really close without intruding on the action.

You’ll find it’s this “fly on the wall” approach, which ensures your wedding video feels authentic. So don’t worry about being directed. That’s not our style. You won’t be asked to walk through poppy fields or do other silly staged stuff. And you definitely won’t be asked to cut your cake for a second take (trust us, it’s happened to others!)

Instead, your wedding will be filmed so you can watch how it really was, not how your videographer scripted it to be.

Save your date with a quick call now
You can’t have your wedding day again and I’d hate for you to regret not having it filmed, so let’s chat soon about creating your lasting memories with a beautiful wedding video.

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  • "Absolute Best Videographer. EVER!"
    katie on 18 November 2019

    Stuart was amazing on our wedding day and even from my first enquiry he couldn't have been more helpful. On the day of the wedding he was incredibly discrete and we quite literally never even noticed him! The video he created for us was simply stunning... I can't believe what an amazing job he did. I recommend Stuart whole-heartedly. Stunning work!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Am I Getting When I Hire You Guys To Film My Wedding?

You’ll get a beautiful, authentic movie of your big day, which you can watch over and over so you’ll never forget the magic of the day when you became Mr and Mrs. Now I can promise you this because you’re also getting my expertise. I’m not your average wedding videographer. I've been shooting professionally for over fifteen years now and I've had my films shown on the BBC, Sky, ITV and even cinema. I've been hired to film documentaries in Tokyo, promos in California, flown all over Europe to film festivals and what-not, and I've worked with celebrities like James Nesbitt and Ben Fogle and big name clients such as Microsoft and Vodafone. This experience means I know how to capture that elusive shot, which turns ordinary into extraordinary – and I know how to make you look your very best on film so you’ll love watching your movie.

Do I cover more than one Wedding per day?

Sorry, but no. You see, each and every wedding project that I take on is personally shot by myself (usually plus one other wedding videographer to help me cover all the little details that other people might miss). I am super fussy about the quality of work I produce as detail is so important (as is discretion) because I only have one chance to get your movie just perfect. What’s more, this skill and expertise extends to my entire crew. In fact, you can bet that everyone in my team has a super-impressive CV!! (If you ever meet Leanne, ask her about the time she was whisked over to Dubai to shoot for a Princess!) Rest assured I'll only ever use the very best people to help me create your beautiful wedding video. All my team are hand-picked for their expertise, experience, and creative filmmaking skills.

...But What Do I Actually 'Get'?

When all the hard work is done and your wedding videos are ready to be viewed, you'll receive a beautifully crafted USB stick in the post with all your wedding films on there. Not only that, we'll also create 'Social Media Friendly' versions, which we'll send to you digitally, ready for you to instantly upload and share your special day with all your friends online. For a small additional cost, we can also produce a luxury presentation case with a personalised DVD or Blu-ray disc that is completely unique to your film. Everything is fully colour printed, and comes with a menu personalised just for you.

What Is The ‘Highlights Film’?

Your first video will be our ‘Highlights Film'. This unique feature is what makes us so special. We'll take the whole day and condense it down into a 3 to 4 minute edit, showing the day unfold in all its beauty. Having been in the filming business for well over a decade now, I know that telling a story without words is a skill that most wedding video producers simply do not possess. With your Highlights Film you’ll be able to recall the emotion, memories, and moments of your special day – whenever you choose.

What's The ‘Bride And Groom’s Morning Preparations Film’?

Have you ever wondered what really happens behind the scenes of the wedding preparations? The pre-wedding nerves, the knowing looks, the teary father of the bride etc. Photos are great, but they never really capture the tense atmosphere as you prepare to take your vows. It’s for this reason that we call this video a “real gem of a film”. If you select this option, we'll have our videographer meet you at wherever you'll be getting ready (home, hotel or any other location). Then we’ll set up (in a discrete way of course) and we'll film the day beginning to unfold… the make-up, the hair, the champagne breakfast, the sparkly shoes… right up to the final moments when everything is all set in place. We'll then take this footage and condense it down to the very best, most succulent bits. And don’t worry; this feature isn’t just reserved for the bride to be. If you’d like us to film the groom as well, we'll use two videographers, one at each location.

Who'll Choose The Music For My Wedding Video?

If you have a selection of special songs that you'd love us to use on your wedding videos, then we're more than happy for you to email them across to us. However, if you'd like to just hand over all responsibility and let us choose the music, that's also fine. We’re really good at choosing music, which complements the atmosphere of your movie – so feel free to trust us with the selection if you can’t make a decision.

How Long Will My Wedding Videos Be?

This is actually really hard to say! You see, each and every wedding is so different, and we don’t like to limit your expectations. Just rest assured that your movie will include everything of significance to a length that will make great viewing. But if you want to pin me down, I like to edit the Highlights film to around 4 minutes. That way we get to show the really best bits. It’s harder to say with the main movie because it all depends on the length of your ceremony and speeches. The following times are just guidelines as you simply never know until the day of the filming... if uncle Jim's speech goes on for 45 minutes, don't worry, we won't trim it down (unless you want us to of course :) Highlights film: 4 to 5 minutes Bride’s preparation film: 4 to 5 minutes Groom’s preparation film: 4 to 5 minutes Reception film: 20 to 60 minutes Ceremony film: 20 to 60 minutes

How Long Until We Get Our Wedding Films?

I know you’ll be itching to get your hands on your video, and we’re well aware of this! I always aim to get your films to you within six weeks of your big day, but of course, during our busier summer months this may be extended by up to a fortnight (and of course you may get it even sooner during our quieter winter months). Either way… you'll be kept informed every step of the way and we'll let you know just as soon as it's ready to post out. However, if you do need your finished wedding films for a specific date, just let us know as soon as you can, and we will do our very best to prioritize your wedding videos.

Do I Need To Get Permission To Film At My Wedding Venue?

If it's a venue that is used to holding wedding ceremonies or receptions, then they're more than used to having discrete videographers dotted about the place. However, if you're getting married somewhere quirky or someplace new, then we do like to “double-double check” these things. If you give us the name and number of your wedding venue, we’ll sort that out for you. It’s one less thing for you to think about. If you do decide to ask them yourself, just make sure you tell them how many wedding videographers you'll be having on the day and that it's really important that we have access to the front and rear of wherever the service takes place. We'd also advise that you tell the reception venue, just in case!

Ok, I'm Sold... How Do I Book You?

Excellent. I promise you won’t regret this. The first thing you need to do is to get in touch, to see if we have your date free in our calendar. I sometimes get booked two years in advance for wedding shoots, so the sooner you can get in touch the better. To save the date, simply call me directly on 07974 617 145 or email me at If we're not available then I'm really sorry. However I'd be more than happy to give you a list of other wedding video suppliers that are (almost) as good as we are!

How Many Cameras/Videographers Do You Use?

I like to know that we have your wedding day safely covered, so personally I like to shoot a wedding with two or more cameras, however, this is totally up to you and depends on which package you decide to go for. The norm is for one person to cover the wider angles and the mid-shots, whilst the second camera is for the close-ups, and all those lovely candid moments that suddenly spring up. For our bespoke packages I'll usually bring in another camera, which really opens up the floor for some creativity!

Do You Bring Loads Of Equipment And Bulky Cameras?

Absolutely not! I love shooting on my Canon C Series with a small selection of lenses, which although it comes at a hefty price tag (over £8,000), it means I can move about and shoot discretely without ever getting in anybody's way. As a result, your guests can relax and forget they’re being filmed. We like it this way because it means you don’t get fake smiles and uncomfortable looking grins on camera. Instead, your wedding is recorded exactly as it happened and you get to replay it in a natural, authentic way. This beautiful camera looks a little like a cross between a DSLR stills camera and a video camera – with the benefits of the fantastic visuals you get from a DSRL, but with the reliability and usability of a video camera (now look what's happened... you've let my inner geek run amok). I love my camera (I think you can tell), but it’s because I can create such fantastic memories with it. It’s not just about the equipment, it’s how you use it that matters and I promise that when it comes to weddings, I know what I’m doing.

What Do You Wear?

To get the best shots for your film we need to be able to move fast and to be able to duck, jump, twist, or sprint at a second’s notice. This means my work wear is always smart with a delicate 'hint of casual' (or simply put, shirt with no tie). However, if you absolutely require us to wear a certain item, say for example a tie or blazer, then please do let us know beforehand and we'll be more than happy to accommodate.

Do You Shoot All Across The UK?

We are super conveniently located in the West Midlands, so we're ideally placed to serve all the lovely brides and grooms across the whole of the UK. We don't charge for travel or petrol unless your venue is more than 50 miles from Ledbury (HR8), and then we only charge just enough to cover our fuel. If however, we think it's better for us to stay a little closer to where you're getting married; we'll drive up the night before and book a little B&B or a Holiday Inn. We'll include that when we send your initial quote over so you'll have full transparency of all costs (you may also know of a cheaper place – we're not fussy, as long as it has a bed and a shower!)

Do We Need To Feed You?

A well-fed and watered film crew are certainly a happy film crew, but we'll leave this entirely to your discretion. If you do wish to feed us (because you're lovely like that), the reception caterer usually sorts this for you if you tell them the number of photographers and videographers you have.

Do You Offer Flexible Payments?

We pride ourselves on offering very flexible payment plans. Firstly, all we ask is that a £200 non-refundable deposit is paid to secure your wedding date in our calendar. This secures your date and ensures no other bride nabs it! We'll then invoice the remaining balance in either two or three equal instalments – completely your choice. The first instalment will be due four weeks after the initial booking and then all we ask is that the remaining balance has cleared at least one week before the big day. If you need to space the payments over more instalments then just give me a quick call and I'll be more than happy to arrange this with you.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Our preferred option is a bank transfer (BACS), but if you'd rather send us a cheque that's also fine.

I Want My Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Filming; Do You Do That As Well?

I'd love to! Pre-wedding photo shoots make great little highlight films that work really well as an added extra. Just let me know the details and I'll arrange a bespoke quote for you.

Can I Book You To Film My Wedding Abroad?

Go on then, you've twisted my arm! We never turn down a sunny wedding shoot, and as long as we're available one day either side of the big day we'd be happy to film for you. All we ask is that all flights and accommodation are booked and paid for by you... but we can chat over the details later.

What If There's Traffic And You Miss The Start Of The Wedding?

Did I tell you that I've been filming professionally for over 15 years yet? Oh, I did? Oh, ok then. In 15 years, I have never arrived late for a shoot, and I know hand on heart that won't ever change. There's an unwritten code of conduct, which states you simply have to get to the shoot on time. No excuses… ever. I'll plan your wedding shoot to the “nth degree”. I'll know exactly where I need to be and how long it'll take to get there... then I'll double it (and probably add a bit more to be doubly sure). We'll arrive early. That's my personal guarantee. So don’t worry about us being “fashionably late”. We’ll leave that to you.

Are You Discrete?

Absolutely! Seriously, there’s nothing more naff than seeing big cameras thrust in the faces of unsuspecting guests. It looks ugly on screen and it will ruin the intimacy and occasion of your big day. As experienced filmmakers we know how to get the best shots without being seen – even the close-ups. So rest assured that, your guest won’t be freaked out at the thought of being filmed. Instead, everyone can get on with the task at hand, watching you and your partner tie the knot in style.

Do You Only Make Wedding Videos?

Actually, no! Did I tell you that I’ve filmed for the BBC, ITV, Ozzy, Lisa Stansfield, big business conventions, and countless other big stake events? Whilst I love commercial TV stuff, there’s something about weddings that you just never get when working for one of the big TV production companies. I’m a bit of a romantic and so I love the emotion and atmosphere of a wedding. What’s more, people are just happy at weddings. This emotion is infectious, and when everyone is laughing and loving, capturing this energy on film is just pure pleasure. I LOVE filming weddings, which is why I continue to keep my diary open for wedding bookings along with the commercial and celebrity jobs.

Where Can I Find Beautiful Wedding Video?

14 Kempley Brook Drive, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2FJ

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