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Small Hotel Wedding Venues in Herefordshire

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  • The Royal Hotel

  • Chase Hotel


What to Know About Small Hotel Wedding Venues in Herefordshire

Herefordshire is a beautiful county in the West Midlands. Featuring stunning undisturbed countryside, charming market towns, and miles of great biking and walking trails, Herefordshire is a hidden gem situated along the Welsch border. If you're hoping to host a beautiful intimate wedding, Herefordshire is worth checking out. Many wonderful hotels located in the quiet yet friendly towns are available to rent for smaller celebrations your guests will never forget.

Benefits of Hosting a Small Wedding

There are many reasons why a couple would opt to host a smaller wedding celebration. Weddings are historically stressful and expensive events, and sometimes the people who enjoy themselves the least are the newlyweds. After all the planning, organizing, and managing, enjoying the moment with your loved ones can be difficult. However, if you decide to host an intimate wedding with a limited guest list, some pressure may be reduced. This is one of the many benefits of smaller celebrations. Along with being less stressful for the couple, they are easier to plan and often less expensive.

Cost of Small Hotel Wedding Venues in Herefordshire

The cost of your wedding venue will depend on many factors, but couples in the UK tend to spend an average of £5,000. However, if you opt for a small hotel venue, you will likely spend less. Depending on the size of your party, you may not need a private ballroom or a sprawling banquet hall. A small hotel venue can offer the luxury and amenities of a traditional hotel but at a fraction of the cost and with a more intimate, private atmosphere.

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