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Pet Friendly Wedding Venues in Hampshire

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Let's Get a Round of A-Paws for Your Hampshire Wedding!

Your wedding day in Hampshire is set to be one of the most important days in your life, so it makes sense that you would want the VIPs in your life there. Top of that list may be your four-legged pooch, rabbit, or even a horse, and if so, you are in luck! There are a couple of pet-friendly wedding venues in Hampshire that can't wait to welcome your furry VIP through their doors!

Do Wedding Venues Allow Pets?

Not all venues are dog or cat lovers, so you will need to check with your chosen wedding venue to see what their pet policy is. Some venues may make exceptions for the ceremony but may not have the facilities to accommodate pets overnight or on-site. In Hampshire, various venues offer pet-friendly solutions for couples, from classic hotels and stately homes to rustic barn venues where your precious pet can enjoy a day out in style!

How to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding Celebrations

Including your pet on your wedding day is a fun and novel way to mark the celebrations. Many couples will have their beloved dog or pet around for the post-ceremony photoshoot, which adds an extra personal element to pictures. But bringing your dog along does take some planning and coordination, so here are some tips.

As mentioned previously, communicate with your Hampshire wedding venue to find out what their pet policy is. Are small pets allowed indoors? Is there overnight accommodation? Do they offer pet-sitting services after the ceremony?

If you are getting married near your family home, then it may be easy to organise bringing your pet on-site for an hour or two; perhaps a neighbour or friend will take on the task of transporting and minding your pet for the duration of time it takes to capture photos and make your little one feel involved!

You may love your pet with all of your heart, but not everyone is as enthused by furry creatures! It is polite to let your guests know that there will be an animal present on the day, in case of phobias and allergies, etc.

Assign a designated minder for the day. Someone who will ensure your beloved pet is fed, watered, and comfortable. This person can also watch out for potential hazards, from confetti to other animals that may be present if it is a private estate in Hampshire.

Ask your Hampshire wedding coordinator or venue personnel if there are specialist dog or pet sitters in the locality. This is a new enough and niche job that animal lovers are only to happy to do, so it is worthwhile sussing out a professional who will keep your pet safe and happy while you enjoy the rest of the celebrations.

If your pet is allowed indoors and is staying in your room, be sure to have someone check in regularly for toilet breaks, walks, and hydration.

Finally, weddings are formal affairs, and your pet would surely want to look the part! You can find lots of adorable and dapper pet accessories to give them that stylish edge for the photos! From dickies bows and collars to florals, there's plenty of "pet-cessories" to choose from for wedding occasions! Just make sure they're not too tight and remove them soon after the photos to ensure your pet's comfort at all times.

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