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Speech Type: Maid of honour/Best woman

Speech Creater: Carene Me Ferdinand

Speech Date: May 2003

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Good Evening,
For those of you who don't know me, I'm Carene... Alanna's friend of 15
Alanna, I just want to tell you how honoured I am today to stand by your
side on this special day..

On behalf of the bridesmaids and myself I want to say how beautiful and
radiant you look, it's been a special day for all of us.

Alanna and I met in Mrs. Teilman's Kindergarden class at Godson Elementary
school. I got to know Alanna really well because I was at her house every week for piano lessons with Mrs. Janzen! I'll always remember doing the piano and chelo duet of Beethoven's 9th at one of our school's assemblies!!
Alanna was always very hospitable making sure I had fun when I was over. We
often played in her large tree fort, play house, trampoline, and checked for the green eggs that her chickens laid... Good friends are hospitable.
I've always been into basketball and I remember one year Alanna joined me at
a week long basketball camp! For those of you who don't know, Alanna has never been too keen on the sport. Good friends are self-sacrificing.
We've had plenty of sleepovers in our day. In fact, Alanna's was the first
house I ever stayed a whole night at! We spend hours talking about life.. everything from blenders to Michael ;o) Good friends listen to each other.
Alanna has always made me feel special. She invited me to every one of her
birthday parties and didn't miss one of mine! She even sent me a dozen roses for my 16th birthday, and most recently a sweet Marie chocolate bar that she renamed Sweet Carene. A good friend is warm, compassionate, kind, and sensitive.
Although distance made it difficult for us to be involved so much in each other's lives after grade 7, we've managed to keep in touch and even GROWN as friends!
God has blessed me so much by Alanna's friendship! I have many memories of
wonderful times spent with her, as most of us have. And I will cherish them forever!

These are just a few ways that Alanna has proven herself to be a good friend, and this is why, Michael, you are so lucky to have this beautiful woman as your lifetime friend. Separately you both are very special, remarkable people, but together you are complete.
I would like you all to please raise your glasses and join me in a toast (PAUSE)

To love, laughter and happily ever after..

God Bless and Congratulations

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Hi! I'm not sure if you guys are still adding speeches to your site as the last addition was back in 2002, but I found reading the speeches that others had done very very helpful in creating the speech I used for my friend's wedding a few weeks ago. I wouldn't mind if you wanted to add mine to the list of examples. I would love it if it could help someone else make a beautiful speech to bless the bride.