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Speech Date: AprĀ 2015

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As many of you know, I'm never one to shy away from talking. It is, however, ironic, that I am the first to speak leaving my new husband to have the last word in this particular instance. Rest assured, that will never happen again!

This would be the moment that Simon would be officially welcomed into my family, my virtues as a daughter shared and a general warning given to him to look after me...or else!!! I'm pleased to say that for as long as I have known Simon our families have felt just like that...our family...and I hope he feels as welcome in mine as I do in his. Additionally any warning to look after me is clearly not a requirement as I know full well how much I am looked after by this lovely lovely man.

It is fantastic to see so many wonderful friends and family coming together today to celebrate with us. I hope you all have as brilliant a day as I am.

As a bit of a geek, I'd like to finish with some words written by one of my favourite authors, Sir Terry Pratchett. Not being the most romantic soul, it has been quite difficult to find something suitable but I have found this about the character, Wen, to sum up today:

Wen considered the nature of time and understood that the universe is, instant by instant, re-created anew. Therefore, he understood, there is, in truth, no past, only a memory of the past. Blink your eyes, and the world you see next did not exist when you closed them. Therefore, he said, the only appropriate state of the mind is surprise. The only appropriate state of the heart is joy. The sky you see now, you have never seen before. The perfect moment is now. Be glad of it'

I will now pass the baton to my new husband, and would just like to say again, thank you all for coming.

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My Dad was not up to the traditional Dad speech so I incorporated some of the traditional bits into a short speech. 

Mr Maskell and I have never been the most romantic but we do care deeply for each other. I think this came across. 

Also worth noting, my mum actually exclaimed loudly at the 'virtues of a daughter' bit...causing much mirth amongst other guests!