Speech by Jeremy Wright

To Hitched Please find attached the speech I gave as Best Man in Sept 2000. Please feel free to include on example speeches if you feel its appropriate. Many thanks for tips and guidance from your site. Best regards Jeremy

Speech Type: Best man
Speech Creator: Jeremy Wright
Speech Date: Sep 2000
Thank you James for those kind words and may I thank you on behalf of the bridesmaids and also add how stunning they look and how they compliment the bride who, I think you'll all agree, looks beautiful.


Now I have known James for about 10 years now and through those 10 years theres been Joy, theres has been laughter, there has been tears and there has been down right embarrassment. Mainly on our numerous visit's to Volts discotheque in Kingston on a Saturday night. Now for those who don't know Volts is described as the most electrifying night of your life and to see James dance you would believe he had been electrocuted.

However despite James ‘s dancing prowess he has been used to things going his way in the time that I have known him.

He has represented his country at Bowls, he has been a co director of a printing firm before the age of 25, champion at squash, won joke competitions at national comedy clubs. He has also had at Curtis a rapid promotion to commercial manager so as I say James has had a lot of success.

This is a far cry from a teenage James taking a lighted match to an electric oven and wondering why it wouldn't work.

Despite this it's understandable why James believes he is someone who can turn his hand to anything without heeding the advice of others. Bit like most of us blokes I suppose.

An example of this is James natural ability to ride a motor bike. We were in Crete and decided to hire out vespas. James jumped on to his vespa and shoved the hire guy away with a look of contempt as if to say I am James I just know. Now most people would then take it easy and try and get used to it but not James. He gives the bike full welly and shoots off down the road. Unfortunately his bum wasn't on the seat and he had to cling on for dear life. Now I remember shrieks of horror from passing tourists and a look of sheer panic from the on coming jeep driver as she looked up and saw a blur of ginger and white bearing down on her. James had the sense to let the bike go and bring the bike to a holt. I have a vivid picture of James with his leg gushing blood, getting up and turning to the gathering crowd holding his hand aloft and saying “Its ok I am alive. Quite obviously the bikes fault and certainly not James. The crowd clapped as James walked past pushing his bike and seriously worrying about his deposit.

Now James about 3 years ago turned his winning ways to the pursuit of Jo. It was a bright and magical day when Jo caught the eye of James by the Curtis photocopier and has bought a new twist to the phrase mixing business with pleasure. Over extended coffee breaks and unpaid overtime, romantic trips to Tuscany, Bruge, Scotland and lighthouses in Wales their love has blossomed and brought us to today.

A special thanks goes to Susan & Dave, Vicki & Paul on the splendid event today.

It with a big thanks to the people travelling great distances to be here today to share in Jo's and James special day. There were however a number of people who couldn't make it today but want to extend there best wishes to bride and groom:

(Telegrams etc)

I mentioned before that James is used to things going his way and now that James has got married to Jo today things for James won't quite be the same again. To symbolise this I would like to ask Jo to place her left-hand palm down on the table in front of you? James can I ask you to place your right hand on top of Jo's. Thank you, now ladies and gentleman I would like you all to bare witness the very last time James will ever have the upper hand again.

On a more serious note I have to say I was and am very proud to be James Best man today. James is someone who you can always rely upon, someone who will always be there for you and is also the funniest person I know and I'm not just talking about his dancing. James & I also survived sharing a flat together, this flat had a bathroom that smelt so good, Jo in the whole time we lived there never once stayed over. In the short time that I have known Jo I have grown very fond of her and know I have never seen James as happy as when they are together and I know that their love will just grow and grow. With that I like for you to join me in wishing the happy couple a marvellous 2 weeks in Canada and a blissfully happy future together.


Ladies and Gentleman please can I ask you to be upstanding and as I propose a toast to Joanne and James!!