Processional Songs

The music played as bridesmaids walk down the aisle in preparation for the bride’s entrance.

  • 1
    Pachelbel Orchestra
    From 61 votes
  • 2
    From 38 votes
  • 3
    Handel's Water Music
    From 21 votes
  • 4
    A Brides Guide To Wedding Music
    From 17 votes
  • 5
    From 13 votes
  • 6
  • 7
    Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & George Szell
    From 8 votes
  • 8
    The O'Neill Brothers
    From 8 votes
  • 9
    Derwent Hannon
    From 7 votes
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Top 5 Wedding Songs

  • 1
    From 627 votes
  • 2
    Pachelbel Orchestra
    From 604 votes
  • 3
    From 501 votes
  • 4
    Charlene Soraia
    From 417 votes
  • 5
    Etta James
    From 332 votes
After your ushers have guided your guests to their seats and some gentle prelude songs have been played to create an atmosphere, the bride will be ready to walk down the aisle to meet her groom. Before this magical moment however, the bridal procession, otherwise known as the bridal party will need to walk down the aisle prior to the big moment where the bride makes her grand entrance. The songs chosen for the procession should keep in tune with the rest of the wedding music, and should flow beautifully after the prelude tunes have been played. Processional songs can be discussed with your wedding music supplier in advance of your big day and the length of each song should also be considered. If the bride is walking down a very long aisle then the bridesmaids will need to walk down to a longer song that normal – however if the aisle is short then something short and sweet will need to be played so that the timings are appropriate. Some couples choose to make the procession songs fun and upbeat, and might even do some sort of gimmick as they walk, or dance, up the aisle.