Post Wedding Songs

Happy music played directly after the ceremony as the newlywed’s enjoy a glass of bubbly.

  • 1
    Michael Bublé
    From 37 votes
  • 2
    Stevie Wonder
    From 25 votes
  • 3
    Nat King Cole
    From 17 votes
  • 4
    From 10 votes
  • 5
    Smash Mouth
    From 9 votes
  • 6
    Rod Stewart
    From 9 votes
  • 7
    Derwent Hannon
    From 6 votes
  • 8
    Frank Sinatra
    From 6 votes
  • 9
    The Hymn Makers
    From 5 votes
  • 10
    Christian Gospel Choir
    From 5 votes
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Top 5 Wedding Songs

  • 1
    From 628 votes
  • 2
    Pachelbel Orchestra
    From 605 votes
  • 3
    From 504 votes
  • 4
    Charlene Soraia
    From 419 votes
  • 5
    Etta James
    From 334 votes
Directly after the wedding you’ll more than likely want to indulge in a glass of champagne but you’ll also need to maintain the happy and positive atmosphere that all of your friends and family will be immersed in. Depending on your chosen wedding venue, post wedding music can continue directly after your ceremony – if you choose to stay in the same room, or can be transferred to a dedicated post-wedding reception room. If you are hiring a wedding music supplier such as a harpist or string quartet then you may wish to have them move their instrument(s) over to the post wedding ceremony room as your guests are enjoying and participating in your wedding photography. The songs and music you choose for your post wedding celebration should be happy and upbeat, but continue to promote the tone and atmosphere that you would like your wedding to exude. Have fun choosing the music to be played post-wedding as this is a moment that you should remember forever.