Wedding Roles

A beautiful wedding is the result of a team effort, where all members of the wedding party work together in harmony

The people involved in your wedding party will not only play a huge part in your big day, they will also be involved in the run up to the wedding and can offer invaluable advice, help and emotional support when you need it. You may not have every single one of these roles in your wedding party, but if you're considering them and are unsure what their job entails, our useful wedding role guides are here to help you.


Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Party

Choose Responsible Friends

The best wedding party members will always be the people who are responsible and good at providing emotional support (because let's be honest, there's bound to be a few emotional breakdowns). You need someone who you can rely on to carry out their role properly at the same time as having fun, so if your BFF isn't super dependable, you might want to consider having two of the same role.

Don't Choose Someone Just Because They Asked You

Wedding planning isn't the time to be returning favours just because you feel you have to. Choose the people who are closest to you at this point in time, not the people who chose you. If anyone wants to speak to you about why they weren't chosen, be kind and tell them you had a difficult decision and there are lots of special people who you sadly couldn't pick.

Think Twice Before You Ask

Once you've chosen your wedding party, you can't go back. Take time deciding who's going to make the cut, be sure you've made the right choice and then think of a lovely way to propose the role to them. Wedding planning is not a race!

Set Honest and Realistic Expectations

Although you need to choose dependable friends and family to make up your wedding party, don't expect the world from them. If you want your party to play a hands on role in the wedding planning, it might be best to choose those who live closer to you. Don't set yourself up for disappointment!

Consider the Size of Your Wedding

Of course, you can have as many bridesmaids and ushers and you'd like, but just remember that more isn't always merrier. If you're having a small and intimate wedding, consider stripping your wedding party back so that everything is in proportion.

Remember There Aren't Any Rules!

Nowadays, you have free reign as to what you do with your wedding party. You don't have to fill all the roles, but similarly, you could have two best men, two maids of honour or even a best woman! The choice is all yours - so have fun with it!



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