The Best Bridal Shower Games

Break the ice at the bridal shower with these amazing bridal shower games - just don't forget prizes for the winners!


It’s not just about the hen party nowadays (although if you’re planning one of those we have 47 amazing hen party ideas), it’s about the bridal shower too! Break the ice at your bridal shower with these fun bridal shower games.

A considerably tamer affair, the bridal shower is a chance for the bridal party to get to know each other and is the perfect opportunity to include those who might not fancy a drunken hen party, such as the mothers of the bride and groom.


A multiple choice quiz about the bride is a great way to see who knows her best, and for others to find out things they never knew! Include the groom in the questions too so any members of his family at the bridal shower can be involved.

Alternatively, quiz the bride with some Mr & Mrs questions – the ultimate bridal shower game. You can read our Mr & Mrs quiz questions and download our PDF.

Mr and Mrs quiz questions for hen parties

You could also test out their wedding knowledge too and download our wedding trivia quiz to hand out!

Download our wedding trivia quiz

Who Am I?

Before the bridal shower begins, write out the names of famous people on sticky labels or post it notes. Hand them out and get everyone to stick them on their head – without looking at who they are. They then have to ask yes or no questions within a set time frame to figure out ‘who am I’?

Tip – You could use members of the wedding party instead of celebrities to add a personal twist to the game!

Bridal Bingo

Bridal bingo downloadable PDF

Download our bridal bingo template and customise your own game of bridal bingo! Instead of numbers, use facts and trivia that are related to the happy couple – where they met, the name of the wedding venue, the date they got engaged. The first person to cross off a line wins a prize!

Download our bridal bingo

My Name Is

Every guest has to write down their nickname or pet name – the more obscure the better! Everyone then draws one out of the bowl and has to guess who they think the pet name belongs too.

Rewrite the Love Story

On a long piece of paper, the bride should write down a statement about how she and her partner met, for example: ‘Jennifer and John met through online dating’. This then gets passed around the table and each guest can add their own line to it, rewriting the love story. The bride can read it out at the end.

Tip - Fold over the paper after each new line, and only let each person read the line before theirs. See how silly the story gets!

Finish the Sentence

Compile a guest book and start a sentence on each page for the guests to finish. You can use things like ‘Love is...’, ‘Marriage means...’ and ‘Sunday mornings are for...’. Give it to the bride at the end of the shower.

Bridal shower guest book

Image credit: CulturalBindings on Etsy

Cake Testing

The part of wedding planning that evokes the most jealousy (if we’re being really honest) is when the happy couple get to go and taste different cakes. Bring this to the bridal shower by buying or baking lots of different cakes and getting everyone to test them and state the flavour.

Tip – Throw in some curveballs by adding secret ingredients (Guinness in a chocolate cake for example) or by including some savoury cakes too. We’ve got a list of 50 wedding cake flavours to inspire you.

Different flavours of wedding cake

Image credit: Ann’s Designer Cakes

True or False

This is one for those closest to the bride to organise. Find out some statements about her (the more cringe-worthy the better) and make up some outrageous ones. Read them out and get everyone to vote true or false!

Poker Face

This is a great one for breaking the ice with all the guests. Everyone goes around the table, introduces themselves and says three statements about themselves – two true, one false. Everyone else has to guess the lie!


Everyone at the bridal shower has to write down how they know the bride. For example: ‘We actually met through her ex!’ or ‘I used to babysit her when she was nine’. These are all put in a bowl and everyone draws one out and has to guess who it’s about.

Who am I bridal shower game

Image credit: LoveMeetDesign on Etsy

Celebrity Couples

A game to test how clued up everyone is on their celeb knowledge! Have lots of little prizes ready – chocolate, alcohol miniatures, nail polish etc. and say the names of different celebrities. The first person to shout back who they’re married to gets a prize – the game can increase with difficulty the longer it goes on!

Bag Lady

This game could cause some blushes! Write a list of everything you’re likely to have in your handbag, such as a purse, lip balm and a mobile phone but then add more obscure things to the list – pet treats, condoms, spare underwear. Someone reads out the list and the first person to pull the item mentioned out of their bag wins a prize.

Gold bag

Image credit: N’Damus London at Not on the High Street

All these games are ideal for breaking the ice, and by playing bridal shower games you can still have fun with a wide variety of people from the bridal party, before having a hen party with a different crowd. If you’d like to involve some drinking at your bridal shower, why not check out our list of cocktail games for hen parties?


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