21 Fun Ideas for Hen Party Bag Fillers

Get the party started with a goodie bag full of these hen party treats


If you’re planning a hen party then handing out party bags is a great way to get the celebrations started. Whether you need ice breakers to get the bridal party talking or a hefty hangover cure to ease sore heads the next day, a bag stuffed full of goodies will certainly go down well and will be appreciated by everyone.

It doesn’t matter what hen party ideas you have planned, whether you’re having a chilled pre-wedding break or a full on party weekend, we reckon everyone will love this pick of the best hen party bag fillers.

The Bags

First things first, you need a stylish bag to keep all the goodies in. We love these Fairtrade cotton bags from Wedding in a Teacup which have enough room to fit several treats in. Whether you’re aiming for giggles with your party bag contents or are presenting them seriously as a thoughtful gift, the aesthetic of the bag is suitable for any hen party. 

Hen party bags from Wedding in a Teacup

These personalised white paper bags from Not on the High Street are available in a range of different font colours and are ideal for a chic and stylish group of hens. You can even opt to have the bags pre-packed with party treats, such as blowing bubbles, sunglasses, a party trumpet and a balloon.

White hen party bags from Not on the High Street

Image credit: Peach Blossom at Not on the High Street

These canvas bags from Not on the High Street are a great way to hold all your cures for that inevitable hen party hangover. Choose which colour and text you would like the bag to have and fill with hangover saviours such as bottled water, paracetamol, eye masks, ear plugs and face wipes.

Hen party hangover survival kits from Not on the High Street

Image credit: Postbox Party at Not on the High Street

What to Put in Them…


I think we can all agree that some form of novelty headwear is pretty much an essential if you’re heading for a night on the town with all the hens. Get everyone giggling by providing hats, headbands, tiaras and wigs as hen party bag fillers and yes, wearing them is a must otherwise you must do a forfeit.

We love these Minnie Mouse ears from The Peacock Bride which combine two of our favourite things - pink and glitter! 

Glittery headband from The Peacock Bride

A Miniature Bottle of Alcohol

A little bottle of a popular tipple is an ideal addition to any hen party bag, whether it’s a cheeky shot or a miniature of something fancy like champagne. If any of the bridal party don’t drink then pop a non-alcoholic cocktail into their bag.

… Plus Shot Glasses

Don’t forget to give the hens something to drink their miniature tipple out of. If you want to make the glasses more personal then you could have them customised with each hen’s name. Another great idea is to choose ones that are attached to necklaces so that you can wear them on your person at all times for ‘emergency’ shots.


If some of the bridal party are only just getting to know each other, then a badge with the person’s name and position (mother of the bride, bridesmaid, head bridesmaid etc) is a great way to break the ice and an easy way for everyone to remember names without awkwardly asking 100 times.

These bespoke badges from Not on the High Street can be worn around the neck and they have the prettiest designs. No cringey 'hello my name is...' badges here.

Personalised hen party badges from Not on the High Street

Image credit: Peardrop Avenue at Not on the High Street

If you’re planning a hen party full of sophistication and style then these monochrome badges from Not on the High Street are perfect for the party bags.

Hen party badges from Not on the High Street

Image credit: Team Hen at Not on the High Street

Beauty Products

If the hen party is all about pre-wedding relaxation, then give the bridal party a goodie bag filled with things like face masks, bath creams and eye masks. A great budget-friendly option would be to host a girly sleepover for the hen do, where everyone can make use of their party bag treats.


Get the hens kitted out for a night out or a festival themed hen party with these show stopping false eyelashes from The Peacock Bride. Available in super bright shades of pink, blue, yellow, orange and green, they’re ideal if the bridal party are anything but shy and retiring wallflowers.

Pink eyelashes from The Peacock Bride


Sashes have been a hen party staple for years so we don’t see any reason to break the tradition! More than just a tacky accessory, sashes can be bought in a variety of colours and designs so that they are suitable for most types of hen party. When rolled up, sashes can easily be popped into the party bags.


If you want to give the bridal party a thoughtful memento of the hen do then this enamel mug from Not on the High Street will do the trick. The bride-to-be will love the personalised touch and will be thrilled that she has something to remind her of her hen party.

Personalised hen party mugs from Not on the High Street

Image credit: Sophia Victoria Joy at Not on the High Street

Dares and Forfeits

When we spoke to Andy Viveash, the Digital Marketing Manager of GoHen, he recommended using dare and forfeit cards as hen party bag fillers to really spice things up: “Give each hen a dare that they have to complete at some point during the weekend. You can either write or print them onto small individual cards to go in each bag. If each hen is going to face a dare then you could also include a suitable forfeit in each hen party bag for those that don’t quite make the grade or fail their dare.”

Check out our ultimate list of hen party dares here on hitched if you need any ideas.

Lip Balm

Dry, chapped lips will be banished from the hen party if you pop lip balm into the party bags. These are small and easy to fit into the bags and you could pick balms in everyone’s favourite flavour to win extra friendship points. We absolutely love these cocktail flavoured lip blams from Not on the High Street. Didn't think you'd ever need a gin and tonic flavoured lip balm? You do now.

Cocktail flavoured lip balm from Not on the High Street

Image credit: Bath House at Not on the High Street

Naughty Novelty Items

Come on, it is a hen party after all. If you’re planning a girl’s night out or a weekend away then no hen party bag would be complete without some form of genital shaped novelty item! For maximum giggles, check out The Peacock Bride's selection of risuqe items in the form of earrings, sponges and even, erm, a frying pan?

Novelty Sunglasses

If you want to stay well away from phallic shaped paraphernalia for the hen party, then treat the girls to some outlandish novelty sunglasses instead. These are a great alternative to silly headwear (in case some of the girls don't want to ruin their hair) and make for some great photo moments. If the bride is planning an amazing destination wedding in the sun then these pineapple shades from The Peacock Bride will help get everyone in the holiday mood.

Novelty pineapple sunglasses from The Peacock Bride

Unleash your inner A-lister with these star shaped specs, also from The Peacock Bride. For a fun hen party game, the bride could pretend she’s a famous star getting married in a celebrity wedding and everyone tallies how many strangers believe her!

Novelty star sunglasses from The Peacock Bride

Novelty personalised glasses are a fab addition to the hen party bags and will make everyone feel included in the celebration. These card glasses from Not on the High Street come in a range of colours and can be customised with the name of the bride. Plus they’re fairly budget-friendly too.

Hen party card glasses from Not on the High Street

Image credit: Tandem Green at Not on the High Street

‘Have You Ever…’ Questions

Who doesn’t love a classic game of ‘have you ever…’? Pop the question cards in the hen party bags and let the fun commence.

“This is a great hen game. Print out a heap of suggestive ‘have you ever…’ questions which everyone must answer honestly, for example ‘Have you ever snogged an older man?’” suggests Andy. “You can then open up the question for the rest of the group to confess to.”

Be warned though, this might not be a very appropriate game if the bride’s mother or mother-in-law-to-be are in attendance at the hen do.

Disposable Camera

Pop some disposable cameras into the party bags so that everyone can snap away as they please during the hen do. The best thing about disposable cameras is that you don’t know what the pictures will be like until they actually get printed out, so everyone can have a laugh at the embarrassing ones together.

Friendship Bracelets

If you’re not a tight group already, you’ll all be bonded for life once you’ve been on a hen party together. To highlight the memories you’ve made together, pop a friendship bracelet into the party bags for a super sweet gift idea. These handmade wish bracelets from Not on the High Street will eventually fray which means that your wish will come true – plus you can choose from a sliver infinity or star design.

Hen party friendship bracelets from Not on the High Street

Image credit: Team Hen at Not on the High Street

Novelty Straws

Yes we know what you’re thinking, but rid your head of any genitalia themed straw images (although you can use these as hen party bag fillers if you wish!) and think outside of the box. Twisty straws, brightly coloured straws, straws with moustaches on… the possibilities are surprisingly endless.


If you want your hen party bag fillers to be more personal, then a keyring would be a nice touch. Customise them with the names of each bridal party member or you could even pop a group photo of you all in there if you have one.

‘Survival’ Kits

If you’ve got a big hen do planned, then a party bag that acts as a ‘survival kit’ is a must. We love this goodie bag from Etsy which comes with all the essentials you could need – cocktail umbrellas, alcohol miniatures, sweets, tea sachets and plasters.

Hen party survival kits from Etsy

Image credit: CraftsbyVerity at Etsy

Party Poppers

No party is complete without a colourful streamer or a party popper to mark the special occasion. “Add one to each bag but don’t tell the bride,” says Andy. “Then when the time is right, you can give her a party popper salute! Just tell everyone to be careful where they aim.”

Champagne Truffles

As featured in our chocolate wedding favours article, these pink champagne truffles from Hotel Chocolat are a super fancy treat that the hens will love. They also come in an elegant little tin which everyone may want to keep afterwards.

Chocolate truffles from Hotel Chocolat


Last but by no means least, you can’t go wrong with putting chocolate into the party bags right? These personalised chocolate lollipops from Not on the High Street are a lovely sweet treat for the bridal party, plus they can be customised.

Chocolate hen party bag fillers from Not on the High Street

Image credit: Letterfest at Not on the High Street

If you need ideas for a fun ice breaker then check out our list of hen party cocktail games - guaranteed to get any party going!


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