23 Wedding Photos You Need to Capture

Share this list with your photographer to ensure you have pictures of all these fabulous moments on your special day!


Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, full of magical moments you’ll want to remember forever. 

Your pictures will serve as a precious reminder of your day and with that in mind, we've put together a list of all the snaps you'll want your wedding photographer to take! 

The Bride Getting Ready

Make sure your photographer gets plenty of pictures on the morning of the wedding - it's such a fun time, full of anticipation and excitement. Whether it’s the moment you get into your dress, having your makeup done or sharing a drink with your bridesmaids – you’ll love looking back on the pictures! 

Liam Smith Photography Wedding Morning

Image credit: Liam Smith Photography 

Kristida Photography Bride Getting Read

Image credit: Kristida Photography 

Love and Stories Bridal Party Getting Ready

Image credit: Love & Stories

Not Forgetting the Boys… 

You’ll also want some pictures of the boys before the wedding too. If there isn’t enough time for the photographer to pay a visit to both the bride and groom's parties in the morning, the photographer can take some pictures of him pre-ceremony instead.

S2 Images Groom Preperation

Image credit: S2 Images 

Jay Rowden Photography Pre Ceremony

Image credit: Jay Rowden Photography 

Suzi Photography Grooms' Party

Image credit: Suzi Photographer 

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The Shoes

Your wedding shoes will probably spend most of the day hidden under your dress, so make ensure you get at least one snap of them in all their glory. 

Kristida Wedding Shoes

Image credit: Kristida Photography 

Love and Stories Wedding Shoes

Image credit: Love & Stories 

Get your groom in on the action too, like in this super cute bride and groom shoe snap! 

Story and Colour Wedding Shoes

Image credit: Story and Colour

The Bride’s Arrival 

It's the moment everyone's been waiting for - the bride's arrival. These brides have been photographed getting our of the car, in their final moments as a 'miss'.  

Kristida Photography Bride's Arrival

Image credit: Kristida Photography 

Ricky Bailie Photography Bride's Arrival

Image credit: Ricky Baillie Photography

Story and Colour Bride's Arrival

Image credit: Story and Colour

Father of the Bride 

This part of the day is a real tear-jerker - the bride being given away by her father or another family member. The walk down the aisle may go by in a blur of emotion and excitement so you’ll want plenty of father of the bride pictures.

Paul Scott Father of the Bride Image

Image credit: Paul Scott Photography

Murray Clarke Photography Father of the Bride

Image credit: Murray Clarke

Sandra Reddin Father of the Bride Image

Image credit: Sandra Reddin Photography 

The First Look

It's one of the most magical points of the whole day – when the groom first sets eyes on his wife-to-be. A precious moment you'll want to remember forever! 

Thousand Word Photography First Look

Image credit: One Thousand Words Photography 

One Thousand Words Photography First Look

Image credit: One Thousand Words Photography 

Guy Milnes Photography First Look Wedding Photo

Image credit: Guy Milnes Photography

Candid Moments

Encourage your photographer to take plenty of candid shots of your guests. We love these photos because they give a real sense of the emotion felt on the day. 

Benni Carol Ceremony Photo

Image credit: Benni Carol 

Liam Smith Photography Ceremony Shot

Image credit: Liam Smith Photograpth 

Quaker Wedding Audience Reaction

Image credit: Love & Adventues 


There are bound to be plenty of these on your wedding day and whether it’s your first kiss as husband and wife, a kiss on the hand from one handsome groom to another or a candid shot after the ceremony, make sure they're caught on camera!

Groom and Groom Wedding KissImage credit: Sarah Wenban Photography

Slepokur Photographer Wedding First Kiss

Image credit: Slepokur Photographer  

Benni Carol Photography Bride and GroomImage credit: Benni Carol Photography 

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I Now Pronounce you Husband and Wife!

A first kiss picture is beautiful but just as joyful is a picture of the bride and groom walking down the aisle as husband and wife, surrounded by all their friends and family! 


Norsonn Photography Bride and Groom

Image credit: Norsonn Photography

Benni Carol Bride and Groom

Image credit: Benni Carol Photography

Slepokur Photography Bride and Groom

Image credit: Slepokur Photography

Here Comes the Confetti!

There is so much fun and laughter in a confetti shot, so arm your guests with plenty and your photographer can get a snap mid-shower. 

Benni Carol Confetti

Image credit: Benni Carol Photography

Confetti Wedding Shot

Image credit: Venue - Gloucester Blackfriars Priory, Photographer - Kate Jackson Photography

Sophie Connell Pink Confetti Shot

Image credit: Sophie Connell Photography 

Bridal Portrait 

If you love a bridal portrait as much as us, take inspirtaion from these stunning images.  

Slepokur Bridal Portrait

Image credit: Slepokur Photograhy

Tom Jeavons Photography Bridal Portrait

Image credit: Tom Jeavons Photography 

Love & Stories Bridal Portrait

Image credit: Love & Stories 


If you’re lucky enough to be getting married at the site of a famous landmark, you’ve instantly got the perfect backdrop. Whether it’s a historic place of interest or the local bandstand, we love these timeless images! 

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Tower Bridge Bride and Groom

Image credit: Dominika Miechowska photography

Rose Photographer Paris Bride and Groom

Image credit: Rose Photgrapher 

Chris Giles Brighton Band Stand

Image credit: Chris Giles


From landmarks to landscapes. If you don’t have a famous building nearby, you may opt for a beautiful natural backdrop instead! 

Kristida Photography Beach Wedding Image

Image credit: Kristida Photography 

Kristida Photography Landscape

Image credit: Kristida Photography 

Liam Smith Landscape Wedding Image

Image credit: Liam Smith Photography 

Alternative Backdrops 

Perhaps you don’t have the luxury of a landmark or a landscape near your venue but don’t fear! Find the nearest wall, gate, or door for a stylish and modern alternative. 

John Mason Photography Wedding Photo

Image credit: John Mason Photography

John Mason Photography Brick Wall Brides

Image credit: John Mason Photography

Hayley Pettit Photography

Image credit: Hayley Pettit Photograhy 

Here Comes the Rain

A lot of couples worry about the weather on their wedding day but rainy days and pretty umbrellas make for gorgoues photos, so just embrace those showers! 

Matt Lee Photography Bride and Groom

Image credit: Matt Lee Photography 

Ben Bull Photography Bride and Groom Rain

Image credit: Ben Bull Photography

Benni Carol Wedding Day Rain

Image credit: Benni Carol

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A Private Moment 

Even though you'll be surrounded by friends and family on your special day, it’s also important to make some time for just the two of you, even if it’s for five minutes. Take your photographer along to capture a few subtle pictures of this personal time.

Rock Your Love Candid Bride and Groom

Image credit: Rock Your Love

Sam and Simon Photography Bride and Groom

Image credit: Sam and Simon Photography

Wedding in the City Bride and Groom

Image credit: Wedding in the City 


Now this may seem like a bit of an obvious one but if you’re not having formal photographs on your wedding day, you could easily miss the chance for a picture with your girls! 

Suzi Photography Bridesmaids

Image credit: Suzi Photography 

New House Country Hotel- Bridesmaids Picture

Image credit: New House Country Hotel

Woodhall Manor Bridesmaids

Image credit: Woodhall Manor

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We absolutely adore wedding flowers at hitched HQ so we insist you get plenty of pictures of your beautiful blooms. 

Wedding Flowers

Image credit: Miss Gen Photography

Sonning Flowers Bridal Bouquets

Image credit: Sonning Flowers

Heni Fourie Flowers

Image credit: Heni Flourie Photography 

Group Shots

Many couples don’t want to spend lots of time having planned photos taken, so ensuring there's one big group shot is a great way of making sure you have at least one photo of everyone!  

Norsonn Photography Group Shot

Image credit: Norsonn Photographers

Love & Stories Group Shot

Image credit: Love & Stories 

Dominika Miechowska Photography Group Shot

Image credit: Dominika Miechowska Photography


You've probably put an awful lot of thought into the table design and we’re sure the results will be a work of art! Ask your photographer to take some pictures at the beginning of the reception – before all the merriment starts.  

Shakespeare's Globe Wedding Table

Image credit: Shakespeare’s Globe 

South Place Hotel Wedding Table

Image credit: South Place Hotel

Indeco Wedding Flowers

Image credit: Indeco Wedding Flowers 

The Speeches 

Whether it’s the father of the bride looking lovingly at his daughter, a tender glance between the bride and groom or the best man delivering an epic punch line, capturing your wedding speeches is a must! 

Damien Burch Photographers

Image credit: Damien Burcher Photographers

Heni Fourie Photography

Image credit: Heni Fourie Photography 

Matt Lee Photography Speeches

Image credit: Matt Lee Photography 

First Dance

Your first dance is an enchanting experience that you’ll want to relive again and again through your wedding pictures. 

Old Couple First Dance

Image credit: KoaSound Photography

Love & Stories First Dance

Image credit: Love & Stories

Chris Giles First Fance Photo

Image credit: Chris Giles Photography

Throwing the Bouquet 

The bouquet throw is a great opportunity to grab an animated action shot with all the girls at the wedding. We love these fun pictures! 

Love & Stories Throwing the Bouquet

Image credit: Love & Stories

Chris Giles Photorapher

Image credit: Chris Giles Photography 

Matt Thompson Bouquet Throw

Image credit: Matt Thompson

Party Time

Your photographer will probably leave after your first dance which means they’ll miss the party in full swing, so ask them to make their final images a few from the dance floor! 

ARJ Photography

Image credit: ARJ Photography

Benni Carol Photography Party Picture

Image credit: Benni Carol Photography

Kristida Photography Dance Floor Photo

Image credit: Kristida Photography

Of course, your photographer won't be the only one taking photos on the day. Utilise your guests - and more sepficially their cameras - by sharing our photography tips for wedding guests article. 


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