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Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now there’s work to be done. With the latest trends, helpful articles, expert advice and tons of ideas, we’ll make your wedding planning process as stress-free and fun as possible. Whether you’re choosing your wedding theme, making a budget or finding your dream venue, we've got you covered from the proposal to the big day and beyond.

Beauty and Wellbeing

Why Now Is NOT the Time to Beat Yourself Up About Wedding Diets

The pressure to ‘shred for the wed’ is harmful at the best of times - here’s why now, more than ever, oppressive bridal dieting culture needs to be dismantled

By Anna Lao-Kaim, 07/06/20

Planning Essentials

26 of The Most Thoughtful Postponed Wedding Gifts

Thousands of couples have had their big day put on hold this year. These thoughtful postponed wedding gifts will brighten their spirits even on the toughest day, from flowers and candles to doughnuts and cheese

By Eleanor Jones, 07/06/20

Planning Essentials

39 of the Biggest Wedding Guest Mistakes to Avoid

Some wedding guest faux-pas are obvious, some less so. If you want to make it onto the next Christmas card list, here’s what not to do at a wedding…

By Anna Lao-Kaim, 07/06/20

Planning Essentials

How to Plan a Wedding in Six Months: Everything You Need to Know

Our six month wedding planning timeline will help you plan the most special day of your life in a matter of weeks

By, 06/06/20

Ceremony and Reception

How to Throw a Gorgeous Wedding at Home: 15 Key Things to Consider

Thinking hosting your wedding at home? Here’s all of the inspiration and information you need to throw the day of your dreams in your own space.

By Eleanor Jones, 05/06/20

Ceremony and Reception

The 20 Best Budget Wedding Venues in Scotland

A tight budget doesn't need to stop you from booking your dream venue. We've scoured Scotland for the very best wedding budget-friendly venues around.

By Emily Deane, 04/06/20

Planning Essentials

21 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary at Home

Whether it’s your first or your 50th, there are plenty of wonderful ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary at home. Here are 21 of our favourites to inspire your next milestone

By Eleanor Jones, 04/06/20

Wedding Fashion

21 White Bridesmaid Dresses That Won’t Upstage the Bride

From Kate Middleton to Poppy Delevigne and Kim Kardashian, bridesmaids in white is a chic, subversive wedding trend. Here’s some all-white ideas that won’t compete with your wedding outfit…

By Anna Lao-Kaim, 03/06/20


Wedding Businesses & Coronavirus: Your Legal Questions Answered

Whether you're a wedding venue or a supplier, navigating the Coronavirus pandemic as a wedding business isn't easy. We put all of your burning legal questions to one of the UK's leading law firms so that you can better understand your options and...

By, 03/06/20

Real Weddings

A Stunning Chateau Wedding in the Champagne Region of France with a Sinhalese Buddhist Ceremony

Personal touches, French country glamour and Buddhist traditions combined to make Michael and Héshàn's day truly unique

By Emily Deane, 03/06/20

Stag and Hen

20 Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Hen Do

Planning a sustainable hen do needn’t be hard - here’s all the eco-friendly hen do inspiration you need (no willy straws in sight...)

By Anna Lao-Kaim, 02/06/20

Beauty and Wellbeing

How to Get Rid of Back Acne Fast

If ‘bacne’ is getting you down in the lead up to your big day, here’s how to stop back acne in its tracks so you’re all clear in time for the wedding

By Judy Johnson, 02/06/20

Planning Essentials

Quick Wedding Checklist: How to Get Married in 60 Days or Less

Planning a wedding in a short time frame doesn’t have to be stressful. Here’s your ultimate wedding plan checklist for getting married in as little as two months

By Judy Johnson, 02/06/20

Planning Essentials

The 17 Most Romantic Places to Propose in London

If you’re seeking the perfect place to pop the question in the capital, look no further…

By Anna Lao-Kaim, 02/06/20

Planning Essentials

The 21 Best Places to Propose in the World

If you’re looking to find the perfect romantic spot to propose, we’ve done all the work for you - now it's up to you to book the flights....

By Anna Lao-Kaim, 01/06/20

Planning Essentials

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home

Our experts reveal some quick and easy tips for how to clean your engagement ring at home - so it'll be sparkling like new in no time!

By, 01/06/20