Wedding Ring Q&A

From matching your engagement ring to your wedding ring, to whether rose gold will wear well, Coo Jewellers answer your questions


Choosing your wedding rings is one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process. To help you pick the right wedding rings, we caught up with Lee Buxton from Coo Jewellers and asked him to answer your wedding ring questions…


Q: I have a 1920’s engagement ring. I’m finding it really difficult to find a wedding band that fits with it. I have thought about a custom ring. Is it possible to have something made that will look as vintage as my ring? Also what sort of time would I need to allow?

Totally possible, normally you can have a ring custom made to match the setting of the vintage ring, adding effects like mill grain (which is tiny beads of metal that normally frame the edges of a ring) to a wedding band to give it that vintage Art Deco look. Another way to achieve this look is to use a setting for stones called ‘Pave’, this is where the stones are set in a channel but are held in by tiny claws; this also gives the desired effect of a vintage feel. The best thing to do is to bring the ring to a jeweller so they can advise you on the sort of setting style and look to match the engagement ring to create the perfect matching set.

Q: Does my wedding ring and engagement ring have to be the same metal? What metals work best together?

As a rule you would normally match metals on both rings, this is due to the fact that is one metal could be harder or softer than another, the harder metal (say 9ct gold against 18ct gold as an example) will eventually over time wear the softer metal away, making that ring thinner and thinner over the years, so you can chose different metal types but its best to stick with matching metals so that the rings will last a lifetime.


Q: Do we (bride and groom) need to make sure our wedding rings match?

Traditionally matching bands would have been the done thing, but these days bride and grooms have a lot more choice and freedom to choose what they like. 90% of the wedding rings we make for couples are not matching bands, so I would say choose a ring you both equally like and if that ends up being matching bands then great, but if not that fine also, there are no rules. Choose the ring you love as it’s something you get to keep for the rest of your marriage and life together and is the symbol of your marriage to one and other.


Q: Rose gold has been fashionable lately — will this metal wear well?

Yes is the short answer, a rose gold ring will last as long as long as it is well made like any other metal and will wear the same, 9ct is harder wearing than 18ct rose gold, but don’t let this put you off 18ct, any precious metal is softer than most but as long as you care for the ring correctly it will last a lifetime and wear just as well as its yellow and white gold counterparts.

Q: How can I find a wedding band to fit perfectly against my engagement ring?

The best way to find a wedding band to perfectly fit your engagement ring is to find a jeweller that specializes in shaped to fit wedding bands that also have the technology to 3D scan your engagement ring, this is the way we do it at COO Jewellers. This enables the jeweller making the ring to make the band fit perfectly using CAD (computer aided design) to fill in all the gaps, so the ring fits totally into your engagement ring creating a beautiful matching set. It also all depends on the setting to, so if the main stone is set high enough, you may well be able to fit a straight wedding bad underneath it as long as the ring is low profile in its depth, thus cutting out the need for a shaped band which some brides do not like.


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