Top Tips on Banishing Wedding Day Nerves

Worried about feeling nervous on your wedding day? Make sure you read our top tips on banishing wedding day nerves!


They don’t call it your ‘big day’ for nothing. Your wedding day is a HUGE deal; you’ve probably been planning it for months, years or even since you were a little girl, so the thought of anything going wrong can be enough to push you over the edge and into Bridezilla territory. So how can you curb those nerves, relax and really enjoy the day you’ve worked so hard to make perfect? Here are some top tips from our expert wedding suppliers to help banish your nerves and help you have the best day ever.


Have an Early Hen/Stag Party

“We recommend that contrary to tradition, instead of having any hen or stag party the night before your big day, have it no later than a week beforehand, to ensure any hangover is well taken care of and won’t affect how you feel or cloud your judgement. Instead of concentrating on the party, use this last week to ensure things are all in check, which will allow you the time to deal with any late arising issues in time for your special day, and by the time it arrives, you won’t feel as anxious about whether it runs perfectly or runs into problems, and instead, you can enjoy your special day the way you deserve to.” — Kéllé Parker, Black Pearl Weddings


Make the Most of Your Wedding Car

“Organise your wedding car to arrive at least half an hour before you are thinking of leaving for the ceremony. It will give you plenty of time to take pictures by the car/in the car or of the car on its own. It also means that if the car does get stuck in traffic or is running late for any reason, you don’t have to panic about leaving for the ceremony on time.” — Kate Gillett, Kate Gillett Weddings


Use Your Bridesmaids

“If anyone can laugh you out of some pre-wedding (or mid-wedding, or indeed post-wedding) nerves, it’s these women. Use the getting ready period to reminisce, giggle about your funniest moments together and beat the wobbles during the day by taking comfort from their smiles whenever you need to.” — Sophie Barford, Cordelia Weddings


“On the morning of your wedding try to keep the number of people around you to a minimum and if possible surround yourself with people you know will be a calming and reassuring influence.” — Katrina Otter, Katrina Otter Weddings

Know Your Wedding Minute by Minute

“With my brides I go through how the whole day will run in minute detail so they know exactly what will be happening and when, so that they don’t feel out of control, as they know what’s coming up. For a bride who doesn’t have a wedding planner with her on the day, she needs to make sure that she knows when everything will be happening and has someone she trusts who will guide her through the day.” — Hazel Walshaw, Love to Marry


“For anyone who hasn’t got a wedding planner assisting them with their wedding day, I swear by good list making. Taking the time to write a detailed list of everything you have to achieve, followed by things you want to achieve is important. It will keep you focused and also assist you in delegating any last minute jobs to reliable friends & family.” — Lauren Drewery, Special Days Wedding Events

Be Excited

“A hot tip to stop nerves from escalating is to allow yourself to feel excited. What people don’t realise is that a lot of the anxiety they experience is actually suppressed excitement. If you do not consciously think of managing your stress levels, the tendency is to breathe very shallowly from the top of your chest and to begin shaking, just as you would if you were suddenly threatened. To stop this happening take long slow deep breaths and to flex your shoulders. This is a tip not just for your wedding day, but for life!” — Grace Chatting, Relationship Academy

Grace has also kindly gone into more detail about wedding day nerves and how to combat them in this video for Hitched.

Let It Go

“If it was on the ‘To Do’ list and you haven’t done it, it wasn’t that important to you. Remember, it’s not a performance in front of a huge crowd; your guests are your family and friends, there to celebrate the special day with you and your fiancé!” — Emma Tuckley, High Times Weddings & Events


“I always buy my brides a scented candle with calming properties. I give them the candle a couple of days before the wedding and tell them to burn it the night before & during the morning whilst they are getting ready.” — Lauren Drewery, Special Days Wedding Events


You can take away the stress of planning completely by hiring a wedding planner ahead of your big day. Have a look at our suppliers directory to find the best wedding planners in your local area.