The Most Popular Wedding Colour Schemes Revealed

We look at the most popular wedding colour schemes in 2010 and what they mean - is your colour scheme here?


We asked which colour schemes were most popular for UK brides. Then we challenged wedding planner Lucinda George to find out what they mean — and how to use them.


Think Pink

15% of brides surveyed chose pink for their colour scheme

Lucinda says: “Pink is the colour of universal love. It represents caring, tenderness and acceptance. It spans the seasons as it comes in such a variety of shades, from summer-friendly cerise to delicate pinks that complement silver hues and wintery weddings.

“Brides who choose pink do so shrewdly; it complements many other colours. Beige, brown, greens, blue and ivory all team perfectly with pink. For winter weddings, a pale bouquet of Femma roses looks stunning — especially with delicate ivory. Eucalyptus foliage works well with pale pink florals too.

“For the dress, pink is in keeping with the ballet theme that has influenced bridal trends this year. Delicate pink tutus look gorgeous on young bridesmaids and soft pink hues for ladies are flattering for a spectrum of skin tones.

“Pink lemonade is a must for the summer bride to refresh her guests!”


Perfect Purples

13% of brides surveyed chose purple for their colour scheme

Lucinda says: “Purple is the colour of good judgement. It is used to symbolise magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Whether it’s a gorgeously fragrant lavender bouquet or grapes to decorate the cake, purple encapsulates elegance.

“Purple needn’t be presented in a delicate hue. Bridesmaids in deep purple create incredible ‘colour pop’ in photos. Clusters of hydrangea, anemones and viburnum berries look stunning, as do purple typefaces on ivory wedding breakfast menus and place cards.

“Rich plum tones combine beautifully with gold to create a decadent feel to your celebration; Moroccan tents and twinkling tea lights in these colours are a spectacular sight on summer nights.”


Bolt from the Blue

12% of brides surveyed chose blue for their colour scheme

Lucinda says: “Blue is calming, the colour of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. Blue is perfect for brides who like peace and tranquility and for those who favour a nautical or travel theme.

“There are many shades, which makes this colour versatile. Navy can be utilised in winter as it is rich in tone; paler shades are great for year-round glamour; and bright aqua evokes an exotic feel.

“You can incorporate blue with peacock feathers in stunning headpieces for bridesmaids, aqua-coloured cocktails, and water features enhanced by blue-filtered lamps.””


Classic Ivory

11% of brides surveyed chose ivory for their colour scheme

Lucinda says: “Ivory is for brides seeking purity, minimalism and clean lines — without losing warmth. A bride who chooses ivory has to have the confidence to pull it off; from cakes to chair covers, all must be in perfect keeping with the ivory tones. Ivory-themed nuptials need to be held in a venue impressive enough to create an abundance of grandeur.

“Pistachio green wows with ivory, and stone, brick or marble surfaces are effective in providing a stark contrast.

“For an ivory wedding, think cream sofas, romantic urns crammed with roses, and a venue with lots of natural light, such as an orangery. Add beautiful marble pillars and flooring, enhanced by a host of candles at sunset and this is a wedding with the wow factor.”


Race for Red

10% of brides surveyed chose red for their colour scheme

Lucinda says: “Red is the warmest of colours and represents passion and lust. It is the colour of extroverts — perfect if you dare to be different.

“Red is for the dramatic, artistic and festive-season brides who want to inject warmth and personality into their weddings. It works well in a music hall or a venue with exposed brickwork or stone — perhaps even a castle.

“Strawberry cheesecake, romantic red roses and mulled wine immediately spring to mind, as do mini pots of strawberry jam with handwritten luggage tags to serve as dual purpose favours/table names. Or you could go really rustic with bunches of red daisies, raspberry cordial, and juicy red apples for munching on between courses.”


Bright White

10% of brides surveyed chose white for their colour scheme

Lucinda says: “White means purity, wholeness and completion. In many cultures it represents kindness, openness and truth — a good choice for celebrating new beginnings. White works perfectly for a beach wedding in an exotic location.

“If you and your bridesmaids are wearing white, stand out by wearing a veil. Consider bold jewellery and a coloured sash, and give the bridesmaids bright bouquets to contrast with your own.

“Complement the white theme with coloured lighting at your venue, and candlelight to create warmth and intimacy. Large white paper lanterns suspended from above look stunning too, especially in stark venues with high ceilings.”


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