Should You Include Your Pet at Your Wedding

If it involves a dog in a dress, we're saying yes, you definitely should include pets at your wedding. What do you think?


When you sit down and start your wedding planning one of the first things you might decide is who you’re going to invite to the big day.


While your parents, brothers and sisters and best friends are bound to be on the list, you could also have nieces and nephews to play the role of flower girls and page boys.

Then, you’ve got to decide who you want to act as your bridesmaids to accompany you when you walk down the aisle in your wedding dress.

But one thing you might not think about is your pets and whether or not you want them to be present at your nuptials.

While some of you may have a family pet you like to cuddle from time to time, others might have a dog or cat you have had for years and totally adore.

If this is the case they’re bound to feel like one of the family and having them at your nuptials could feel like the most natural thing in the world.

But it is it a good idea? And will animals cause too much trouble at the wedding venues when you’re trying to make sure everything runs like clockwork?

Pets at weddings in not an uncommon idea, as newlywed Carrie Underwood recently proved.

The singer tied the knot with her partner Mike Fisher earlier this month and she made sure her treasured pooch was part of her big day.

Her dog Ace wore a pink tuxedo studded with Swarovski crystals for the occasion and trotted down the aisle with the ring bearer and flower girl.

“Mike was like, ‘He’s in pink! What are you doing?’ But he looked so handsome,” Underwood told People magazine.

But having pets around while you get Hitched might not be as simple as that.

In a letter to, a woman named Marion writes that her daughter is planning a simple church wedding with her boyfriend. About 100 people have been invited to the ceremony.

“The planning was going very well until my daughter suggested her fiance’s dog join the wedding party. I know she loves Willy the Border Collie but I can’t have a dog running all over the church,” Marion explains.

In response to her letter, the publication states that the best thing to do is ensure there is someone to accompany the pooch at the celebration at all times, especially if the animal is not allowed inside the building and needs to be guarded outside.

It suggests that the best thing to do is consider the temperament of the dog. If it barks a lot or likes to jump up on people it is likely to steal the limelight away from the bride and groom. Of course, the animal doesn’t understand that the day is not all about them, but the way they are likely to behave is something to take into consideration.


In the end it’s up to you whether your pet attends your celebration or not. If it’s mild-mannered, gets on well with people and is allowed in the wedding venue then why not? But just remember, animals can be very temperamental and with so many humans rushing around there is a chance they could get frightened and behave differently to usual.