Planning a wedding can be too daunting for some couples, others steam ahead and find that elements don’t link up or the budget simply vanishes before the finish line.

With that all important venue to source, numerous other suppliers who all need to work together, designs, styles and colour palettes and that’s not even counting the family politics, it is no wonder that some couples become overwhelmed!

Once you embark on the wedding planning process it is the most exciting time and understandably there seems to be a sense of urgency amongst many couples feeling pressured to get the key suppliers booked early.

There is some truth in this, however the single most important thing to do before booking anything is to thoroughly analyse your budget out apportioning set amounts to all the elements (even down to the cost of stamps if you are having large numbers!). Time spent at this stage will be worth it throughout, making the planning stages easier. Take time to think about what elements are most important to you, the photographer, a DJ versus band, flowers, the food, and free bar and so on.

At this stage you will also be able to see how changes in guest numbers will affect your budget.

Now you will be very clear on how much you have to spend on each element and if you go over your estimate with one part then you know that something else has to give.

You can have the wedding you want no matter what the budget; it just needs careful planning and consideration.

Once this is in place, take some time to talk to each other about the style of wedding you would both like; any colour schemes and themes that you each may be thinking about.  

You are now ready to look for the venue! Remember when comparing venues take time to look at their terms and conditions. There is a whole range of things to consider but as an example if you know you want candles to feature heavily at the wedding for a romantic ambience check that naked flames are allowed. When considering the packages if 1 glass per person is included for the Drinks Reception unless you are only having half an hour you will need to allow for more drinks in the budget at this stage.

Draw yourself up a checklist of tasks to be completed each month, then simply source and book each supplier. When looking for suppliers, try to visit them all on the same day as it makes it easier to compare them. 

Throughout the process draw yourself up a draft schedule of the day so you can see how the timings will work taking into account supplier set up times.

Keep calm, focus on the budget set at the beginning and most importantly enjoy every single moment of planning for your Wedding.

Article contributed by Lisa Bevan from Weddings by White Tulips in Surrey