How to Create the Perfect Winter Wonderland Wedding

If you're marrying in winter, read this article to make sure your wedding is a beautiful winter wonderland


Winter weddings can be, without a doubt, a great idea. For many people there’s something magical about walking down the aisle surrounded by snow on a crisp, frosty morning with the skeleton branches of trees silhouetted against the sky and icicles hanging from roofs.


But, unfortunately, this does mean braving the cold and with the next few months looking like they will be just as chilly as last year, shivering guests and nattering teeth seem inevitable.

However, Hello! Magazine has come to the rescue with some handy hints and tips for those of you who have your hearts set on trying the knot on a fresh winter morning, whether it’s before Christmas or to welcome in the beginning of the New Year.

The first thing to think about, as is the case with most brides, is what kind of dress you’re going to wear. Just because it’s cold you shouldn’t let this change your mind if you’ve always had your heart set on a sleek, strapless number.

As the magazine points out, there are a number of different cover-ups out there, to ensure you stay snug and warm while still wearing the frock of your dreams.

“Accessories such as suede shawls, feathered jackets, wool coats and pashminas will help you combat the cold as well as adding instant Hollywood glamour to your outfit,” Hello! continues.

You can also complement your stunning ivory dress with a bouquet of lush green leaves and red flowers for a really extra-special Christmassy touch.

When the ceremony is over it’s time for the reception and, by this point, your guests are likely to be warmed up and ready for dinner. Why not keep them cosy with hearty but delicious fare that will make them feel right at home?

A tasty and creamy mushroom risotto could leave vegetarians feeling satisfied, while fillet steak and roasted duck may be the perfect, indulgent feast for the meat-eaters among your friends and family.

To complete the meal, the magazine suggests “a carefully picked selection of liquors and coffees to finish off”, which are sure to warm your guests if nothing else will.

One of the easiest ways to brighten a room — and banish any winter blues — is to use candles, the publication states. Depending on the venue you may have some of these anyway, but they are definitely a way of bringing a pleasant glow to the location while the snow falls outside.

“Scatter them about the garden, the entrance to the church, the middle of the tables and wherever else you think appropriate, to create a truly romantic atmosphere that will brighten up even the greyest days of winter,” it states.

The wedding venue is something else you need to give some thought to and writing for, Nina Callaway advises keeping roaring log fires and country manors in mind. She said inns and old mansions are perfect for those of you with lots of guests to invite, but still offer an “intimate warmth”.


Whatever you decide, it can be easy to have the magical winter wedding of your dreams — all you need to use is your imagination.