27 Bridesmaid Gifts: Ideas to Suit Every Budget

No matter what your budget, we have a selection of the cutest and most sentimental bridesmaid gifts that your girls will love!


Being a bridesmaid can entail a lot, from the various roles to the umpteen amount of hours that your girls dedicate to your wedding planning to do list.

To make sure they know how much you appreciate their help, we’ve rounded up the most thoughtful bridesmaid thank you gifts that are perfect for every budget.

Bridesmaid Gifts Under £15

Spending less than £15 on your bridesmaid gift is totally doable and we’ve found plenty of lovely presents that won’t break the bank - even a little bit.

Bridesmaid Thank You Tree Hanging - £4.75 

bridesmaid gifts under £15 - tree hanging

At less than a fiver, this ‘thank you’ hanging is the perfect memoir to give to your girls. You can even personalise it with each of their names.

Best Bridesmaid Certificate - £6.45

bridesmaid gifts under £15 - certificate

Nothing says ‘thank you for being my bridesmaid’ more than a certificate of brilliance. This ‘best bridesmaid in the world…ever’ certificate is guaranteed to go down a treat with your maids.

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Gold Bridesmaid Hair Ties - £6.50

bridesmaid gifts under £15 - hair ties

These hair ties are the perfect gift, especially for younger bridesmaids. They can be used to tie their hair up or worn around their wrists in a festival-chic kind of way.

Bridesmaid Bath Bomb - £12 

bridesmaid gifts under £15 bath bomb

There’s nothing us ladies love receiving more than pamper products, which is why getting your bridesmaids a thank you bath bomb is such a cute idea.

Bridesmaid Thank You Candle - £13.50

bridesmaid gifts under £15 - candle

Candles like this are such a nice gift for your bridesmaids because every time they light it they’ll be reminded of you, your wedding and how fun it was to be a part of it all.

Bridesmaid Love Heart Earrings - £14

bridesmaid gifts under £15 - earrings

At just £14, these love heart earrings look far more expensive than their price tag and are super pretty. The simple design make them perfect for your girls whatever their style may be.

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Bridesmaid Gifts Under £25

If you want to slightly increase your budget but still keep it reasonable, you may be interested in these gorgeous bridesmaid gifts under £25.

Tie the Knot Earrings - £15 

bridesmaid gifts under £25 - earrings

We adore these earrings. The message is totally clear here and the symbolic knot is such a clever idea.

Beautiful Bridesmaid Mug - £16

bridesmaid gifts under £25 - mug

For just £16, this mug is an absolute steal and the personalised message on it makes it even more adorable.

Bridesmaid Gemstone Bracelet - £18

bridesmaid gifts under £25 - bracelet

These beautiful gemstone bracelets carry a subtle ‘xoxo’ (hugs and kisses) message and comes in your choice of stone – there are nine options to choose from.

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Bridesmaid Thank You Print - £18

bridesmaid gifts under £25 - print

If you’re not sure what to get your bridesmaids, this simple ‘thank you’ print is a perfect choice – it can sit hanging in their home and the design is so versatile it will literally fit in anywhere.

Bridesmaid Knot Bangle - £22

bridesmaid gifts under £25 - bangle

Another lovely ‘tie the knot’ gift option is this chic, silver bangle that comes in the prettiest box. It’s so simple yet so elegant.

Personalised Bridesmaid Glass - £22

bridesmaid gifts under £25 - glasses

These personalised glasses allow you to engrave your bridesmaid’s name, you and your partner’s names, your wedding location and date – making it the ultimate memoir for the girls to keep hold of.

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Bridesmaid Gifts Under £40

If you’re keen to blow the budget a bit more, here’s a selection of bridesmaid gifts under £40 that they’ll truly adore.

Bridesmaid Rose Gold Notebook - £25

bridesmaid gifts under £40 - notebook

If your girls are a fan of pretty stationery (aren’t we all?) then they’ll absolutely love this ring-binder notebook with beautiful rose gold ‘bridesmaid’ foiling along with their name at the bottom.

Bridesmaid Trinket Box – £27.95

bridesmaid gifts under £40 - trinket box

This gift is particularly lovely, especially if your bridesmaids have special jewellery to wear from your wedding day, or if you’re planning on buying them a little something extra that can go inside.

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Bridesmaid Leather Makeup Bag - £29

bridesmaid gifts under £40 - makeup bag

Probably one of our favourite bridesmaid gift ideas, this personalised leather bag is perfect to hand to your girls as a token of your thanks. They come in the most beautiful colours and could be used as make-up bags or even clutches!

Bridesmaid Thank You Bracelet - £29

bridesmaid gifts under £40 - bracelet

This bracelet is a beautiful gift for your girls; coming in gold or silver and an option of three or five fresh water pearls, you can really make it your own!

Bridesmaid Tote Bag - £30 

bridesmaid gifts under £40 - tote bag

Another bridesmaid bag, but this time we’re bringing you a tote and it’s pretty darn gorgeous. The simplistic design is so on trend at the moment and the size is super practical too.

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Bridesmaid Prosecco Gift Bag - £37.95

bridesmaid gifts under £40 - prosecco bag

Are your bridesmaids the Prosecco-loving type? If so, they’ll love this Prosecco gift bag which includes a bottle of bubbly, handmade chocolates, bath salts and a personalised gold embossed notebook.

Bridesmaid Gifts Under £60

Couples looking to spend between £40 and £60 on their bridesmaid gifts will love these up-market presents.

Initial Embossed Purse - £40

bridesmaid gifts under £60 - embossed purse

Every girl needs a purse, and a stylish one at that...which is why we are such fans of this personalised initial purse – it’s just perfect.

Bridesmaid Pamper Gift Box - £49.95

bridesmaid gifts under £60 - pamper gift bo

Being a bridesmaid can be stressful so treating your girls to a ‘pamper yourself’ gift box really isn’t a bad idea at all.

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Make Your Own Perfume Kit - £49.95

bridesmaid gifts under £60 - perfume

If there’s one thing we all enjoy as both men and women, it’s smelling nice – so we would highly recommend this ‘make your own fragrance’ kit as a really special present for your bridesmaids.

Love Letter Bridesmaid Necklace - £54

bridesmaid gifts under £60 - necklace

This necklace is so unique, it comes in the shape of an envelope with its very own personal message inside… Bridesmaid presents really don’t come more special than that.

Bridesmaid Gifts Over £60

Pull all the stops out for your girls with these luxurious bridesmaid gifts over £60.

Luxury Gin Hamper - £60

bridesmaid gifts over £60 - luxury gin hamper

Gin and tonic are three words that have more power over women than ‘I love you’ – which is why we KNOW your bridesmaids will absolutely adore receiving this hamper as a gift.

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Leather Scrapbook Album - £67.25

bridesmaid gifts over £60 - leather album

If you’re looking to do something really sentimental for your bridesmaids, or even an extra special gift for your maid of honour – why not consider making them a scrap book of memories and photos in this gorgeous leather, embossed album?

Custom Bouquet Print - £89.99

bridesmaid gifts over £60 - bouquet print

Treat your girls to another sentimental gift by getting a customised print of their bridesmaid bouquet made – it will be such a pretty reminder of the day they walked down the aisle with you, holding their bouquet.

Gold Initial Necklace - £120

bridesmaid gifts over £60 - gold necklace

This 9ct gold necklace is a beautifully elegant piece of jewellery, perfect for treating your bridesmaids. The font is just gorgeous and we love the small and delicate size of the pendant.

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Silk Pyjamas with Initials - £184

bridesmaid gifts over £60 - pyjamas

Adding to our luxury list of bridesmaid gifts is this set of exquisite silk pyjamas. You can get a pair for each of your bridesmaids and have their initials embroidered into the fabric, making it even more personal.

Now you have the gifts sorted, be sure to check out our article on pretty thank you cards for your bridal party.


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