The Best Wedding Gift Lists

We've done the research for you and taken a closer look at some of the best wedding gift lists on the market


Planning your wedding gift list is one of the fun parts of your wedding planning and even better – it’s one of the few wedding planning tasks where you don’t need to worry about blowing your budget.


With so many choices out there for your wedding gift list, it can be difficult to decide which list is perfect for you. So we’ve taken the stress out of planning your wedding gift list and done all the research for you.

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to help you choose the gift list that is perfect for you.


Why Should We Have a Wedding Gift List?

  • It makes things easier for your guests and saves them the stress of deciding what to give you
  • Your guests don’t waste their money on gifts you don’t need (or don’t like!)
  • It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity – how often do you get to make a list of presents you want and all your friends and family buy them for you?

Your wedding guests are going to want to buy you a gift for your special day so a wedding gift list makes this easy and simple for them – there is no obligation for them to buy you a gift but it just makes the process easy and hassle free if they choose too.

If you strongly feel you don’t want your guests to buy you anything then you could consider putting that money to a good cause and include charity donations on your gift list.

There are also other options such as cash lists and honeymoon funds, although you might want to also include a small product gift list alongside these for your more traditional guests that want to buy you a gift.

Online Gift Lists

Online gift list services are great for busy couples who like to shop and do their ‘wedmin’ online. You can create your list on the move or at home on the sofa! They also offer more flexibility and choice than traditional high street shops.


Style-savvy couples will love the range of more than 500 top UK brands Prezola have to offer – including The White Company, KitchenAid and

As well as creating the perfect product gift list with the help of Prezola’s team of personal shoppers, you also have the option of creating a cash gift list, honeymoon fund and charity donations.

What we love: We love the stunning choice of wedding gifts available on Prezola that have been beautifully curated to give an extra special gift list experience.



If you are looking for a gift list with a phenomenal amount of products to choose from then take a closer look at the Amazon Gift List Service. You can add anything that is available on Amazon – as well as Amazon vouchers that you can spend at your leisure.

What we love: We think the Amazon gift list is a gadget lovers paradise and if you are looking for non-traditional gifts, you will find plenty here.


The Wedding Shop

Voted Best Gift List Provider and with 28 years of experience, The Wedding Shop have plenty to offer brides and grooms. To create your gift list with The Wedding Shop, you can visit one of their beautiful showrooms or build your gift list entirely online, with a dedicated Gift List Advisor on hand to answer any questions you might have!

As far as the products go, you can include everything you’ve ever dreamed of, without having to worry about hidden costs. Your gift list can include anything from your sought after household products to a fund for your dream honeymoon, experience days or even charity locations.

What we love: We love the personal experience and unlimited choice you get with The Wedding Shop. Plus it’s completely free!


Department Store Gift Lists

A department store gift list is the traditional choice and if you like to see things before you commit to buying them then the traditional department store gift list could be right for you.

John Lewis

Household name John Lewis offer the traditional wedding gift list with the service you would come to expect from this big name brand.

Visit one of their 48 stores and you can scan the items you would like to add to your list in store or alternatively add them online. Couples also have the ability to add gift vouchers to contribute to their Kuoni honeymoon.

What we love: The John Lewis gift list experience is everything you would expect from this trusted brand, with excellent customer service and a tea and cake voucher to redeem at the in-store café if you need to take a break from scanning gifts.


Honeymoon/Cash-Only Gift Lists

If a product gift list isn’t for you or you want to fund something specific, then a cash gift list could be the best option. However, it may be worth remembering that some guests prefer to give a physical gift so you could consider also having a small product gift list.


If you have a large gift or experience in mind then Patchwork can help you fund this.

You can choose from a list of inspiring ideas provided by Patchwork or add your very own virtual gift – contributions are added to your Paypal account and don’t forget to consider that fees apply.

What we love: We love the idea of your guests helping to crowdfund anything you think of – if you are planning on buying a house, why not create the virtual gift of “buying a brick”.


Buy Our Honeymoon

Buy Our Honeymoon offers a more meaningful way to ask your guests to contribute to your honeymoon.

The list allows you to create beautiful wedding website with your own photos and wording, then you can add a range of different gifts – guests can contribute to your flight costs, buy you a room upgrade or treat you to a spa day. Just remember fees apply!

What we love: We love how you can customise your list with your own pictures and details about your honeymoon so it all feels super personal.


Now you know everything there is to know about wedding gift lists, visit our gift list page and start creating your own list.