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What Your Guests Really Think When You Ask for Cash

You won't believe what these guests had to say when we asked their opinions on cash gift lists

When it comes to planning your gift list, asking for cash can be a hot topic! With some guests being totally horrified by the idea and others being happy to hand over cold hard cash in place of a wedding gift.

We have teamed up with the UK’s favourite wedding gift list – Prezola – who surveyed a thousand wedding guests to hear their opinions on being asked for cash as a wedding gift, you won’t believe some of the responses!

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The Thoughtful Guest

This guest loves being able to use gift giving as a way to show the thought they have put in.

“A physical gift says quite a lot about you, the present giver. It is much more personal than giving money which is the easy option.“


The On-a-Budget Guest

If you are sticking to a budget, it’s much easier for you to disguise how much you have spent with a thoughtful (and perhaps less expensive!) gift.

“Cash gifts make it harder to disguise the amount of money you are spending!”


The Sentimental Guest

This guest loves the idea of giving a gift with something personal behind it.

“Happy to do it but it doesn’t feel so personal. I know we love the presents we were given and the link to the people that gave them.”


The Guest Who Values Experiences

This guest is happy to hand over cash but they want to know what they are spending the money on.

“I think it’s fine to feel like you are contributing to something they really want or an experience on their honeymoon. Memorable moments are really important I think.”


The Budget-Conscious Guest

If you have this guest on your gift list then asking for a cash gift would probably be a big no-no!

“I would consider being expected to give a certain amount of money very rude as many people have very different financial circumstances.”


The Easy-Going Guest

This guest is happy to give cash but would much prefer to give a gift.

“It’s a bit dull but I can understand that a couple who live together first don’t need to equip a house.”


The Traditional Guest

This guest loves the meaning behind a carefully chosen wedding gift.

“Giving money has less meaning than a physical gift.”


The Considerate Guest

We love how this guest bought the couple something really meaningful that they can all enjoy together.

“I think that a good range of prices and types of gifts is important. Very often you want to reflect your own character or relationship to the couple through the present. For example, we purchased board games they had chosen as they know that we love to play them and it is something we can all do together.”


The Etiquette-Wary Guest

This guest isn’t hugely comfortable with cash so wants the couple to word things gently if they prefer money over presents.

“No guest should feel uncomfortable, so wording requesting cash should be chosen very carefully.”


The Romantic Guest

If you’re unsure of asking for cash then this guest suggest adding experiences and information about what you want to spend the money on.

“I do like a range of prices to choose from. If they want money it’s nice to be able to think you are paying towards something – e.g. a candlelit dinner on the beach on their honeymoon.”


The Guest Who’ll Think About It

Some guests – like this one – mind less about being asked for money if they know what it is going towards.

“I might consider giving money if it was for a big specific project.”


The Old-School Guest

This quote shows how a physical gifts are a strong preference for a lot of guests.

“I think that for modern relationships it’s probably the most convenient for the couple, but I still prefer to give a gift.“


The Old-Fashioned Guest

This guest is definitely against giving cash as a wedding gift!

“I’m old-fashioned and think it’s rather uncouth!”


The Happy-to-Compromise Guest

This guest shows how you can have a cash gift list combined with a product list so you can have the best of both worlds.

“I am happy to give money as a wedding gift if that’s what the couple wants, but if there are both options on a registry when I’m looking for a gift, I will check the physical gifts first to see if there’s anything that fits my budget, and if not, I’ll go for cash.“


The Dreamy Guest

There’s still a lovely romantic notion with opening a gift and that whole experience – something this guest really values.

“I will give the couple money if they don’t have a gift list. I just think it’s nicer for them to receive something that they’ve asked for which they can unwrap together.”


The Caring Guest

Ths guest clearly enjoys taking the time to choose a gift – and hopes the couple will acknowledge the effort.

“There is more thought in choosing a gift than just giving money.”


The Opinionated Guest

This guest is very opinionated about giving cash!

“To ask for money is tacky, tasteless and rude – I absolutely hate it.”


The Generous Guest

Most guests really love the personal touch of a wedding gift.

“It is more personal to give a gift that will be treasured by the couple to add to their memories of the happy day.”


The Practical Guest

This guest takes no issue with giving cash as a gift.

“I think it’s perfectly acceptable to give money as a wedding gift, especially as most couples already have a home together and most of the things I need.”


The Sassy Guest

This guest (and his brother) aren’t fans of receiving requests for money with a wedding invitation.

“It’s like paying for your ticket at the meal, though usually a triangular transaction if the couple are not paying for the wedding themselves. My brother says ‘getting a wedding invite is like getting an invoice in the post!'”


If you’re thinking of having a cash gift list but feeling a little apprehensive about asking just for cash, why not consider combining your cash list with a product list?

Founder & Creative Director at Prezola Ali Beaven explains how important it is to think carefully about your gift list:

“After the confetti has settled and the honeymoon tan is fading, your wedding gifts stay with you for the rest of your life. They can become heirlooms, which is really special. Choose wisely and in twenty years, your children might be using them!”

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