21 Awesome Proposal Ideas

Trying to decide how to pop the question? We've got 21 inspiring and unique proposal ideas to help you on your way!


Even if you’re 100% sure your partner will say yes and you've looked at how to buy an engagement ring, proposing can be quite a daunting experience! 

We’ve come up with 21 proposal ideas to help make sure your proposal is not only perfect but personal to you. These won’t just make your other half’s day – they’ll make their year!

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Propose With a Balloon

Awesome Proposal Ideas

Pop the question with this super-pretty balloon by Bubblegum Balloons.

Filled with helium, it will float out of its box on arrival to give your loved one the surprise of their life.

The handmade tail is made from luxury red hearts (some of which are glittery), and the balloon is filled with stunning heart confetti.

What's more, the red colour scheme would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day proposal! It should stay afloat for two weeks, so it is the gift that just keep giving. 

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The Reasons I Want to Marry You... Tag Book

Awesome Proposal Ideas

Let your fiancé or fiancée know all the reasons you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them by writing them down in this adorable little tag book.

This set comes with everything you’ll need, including two wooden covers, ribbon and pencils. Once you’ve filled it all out, you can pop it back in the gorgeous gift box and present it to them when you pop the question.

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Propose With a Scratch Card

Awesome Proposal Ideas

This personalised scratch card is the perfect way to ask the wonderful and life-changing question of “will you marry me?”

Each card is illustrated with a gorgeous, floral design, and the suspense of scratching off the surface to reveal a proposal is such a fun and unique idea! We bet they’ll say yes…

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Propose With a Message in a Locket

Awesome Proposal Ideas

If you’re looking for a unique way to propose, then your search ends here! This wedding proposal locket is made from 18ct rose gold and is totally stylish.  

You'll be able to personalise the back of the locket with a "Marry Me?" message, and it will arrive in a beautiful gift box tied with a satin ribbon. 

This is not only an awesome proposal idea, but a perfect gift that'll be treasured forever, too.

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Propose in Morse Code

Awesome Proposal Ideas

Make your proposal a bit of a puzzle with this unique mug, designed and printed by Ellie Ellie in Sussex.

This stylish design features black lettering reading “will you marry me?” in Morse code. Elegant and oh-so-fun, it lets you ask the most important question of your life in a truly memorable way.

Their face will be a picture as they begin to realise what you’re asking; you’ll cherish the memory forever!

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Propose With a Jigsaw Puzzle

Awesome Proposal Ideas

This metallic jigsaw is in keeping with the puzzle theme, and when pieced together, reveals a personalised proposal message. 

It is a fun way to build up the anticipation and will look fabulous when shared on Facebook and Instagram as a creative engagement announcement.

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Proposal Message in a Mug

Awesome Proposal Ideas

If you and your partner are total homebirds, why not make breakfast in bed and use this mug for your partner’s cup of tea?

As they finish the drink, the most important question of their life will be revealed. One thing’s for sure… it’ll be the best cuppa they’ve ever had.

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Sew Your Proposal in Their Shirt

Awesome Proposal Ideas

We’ll bet you’d never thought of this idea before! Brighten your partner's morning with this personalised strip of sew-in name tape.

As they go to put on their shirt on an otherwise dreary Monday, they’ll notice this nostalgic little surprise and their week (read: year) will be made!

You don’t have to go all primary school-esque and sew it in the collar… you could hide it on a cuff or in a pocket. Then all you have to do is wait for your other half to find it! What a cute idea.

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Get The Kids Involved

Awesome Proposal Ideas

Have you got children you’d like to include in your proposal? Why not buy these super-cute personalised t-shirts for the most romantic way to pop to question?

Not only will your little ones love being involved, your future husband or wife will cherish having such an adorable memento of the occasion.

This is the most perfect way to propose to that special mummy or daddy.

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Propose With a Message in a Bottle

Awesome Proposal Ideas

If you’re hoping to host a vintage inspired wedding, set the tone with your proposal and pop the question with this gorgeous little message in a bottle gift.

You can choose between three different types of bottle: a vintage bottle containing chandelier crystals, a rose bottle containing dried miniature red roses, or a beach bottle containing coral sand and small shells. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

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Propose With a Message on a Spoon

Awesome Proposal Ideas

If you’re proposing in the winter, then this personalised hot chocolate spoon is the most perfect festive proposal idea.

The silver spoon comes encased in milk chocolate, so as you stir it into a mug of warm milk, your proposal message will be revealed.

Not only will the hot chocolate be absolutely delicious, but your partner will get the sweetest surprise they’ve ever had! We love this idea.

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Propose Over a Bottle of Champagne

Awesome Proposal Ideas

Quite literally pop the question with this personalised bottle of champagne by Bottle Bazaar.

Plan a romantic night in, then present this bottle to your loved one. If you’re feeling shy, you can let the label do the talking, and wait to see the look on your partner’s face as they read it. How romantic!

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Propose With a Personalised Record

Awesome Proposal Ideas

Is your partner a bit of a music-lover? If the answer is yes, this will be the perfect way to pop the question!

Simply record your own personalised message using your phone or your laptop, and it’ll be cut onto one of these cute, miniature records.

You can even personalise this gift further with a range of album sleeve and record label design colours and text to appear on the album and back covers.

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Propose With a Christmas Bauble

Awesome Proposal Ideas

Are you planning to get engaged at Christmas time? Popping the question with this gorgeous personalised bauble would be such a romantic Christmas proposal idea.

Make decorating the Christmas tree even more special than it already is. As their face lights up with happiness, get down on one knee and present them with a ring. Who wouldn’t say yes to that?!

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Recreate Your First Date

Awesome Proposal Ideas

Revisiting the bar you first met in or the restaurant where you first had dinner makes for the perfect way to reminisce over your long and happy relationship.

As you talk about all the wonderful things you’ve done together, you can get down on one knee and find out if they’d like spend forever doing more!

Say it With Balloons

Awesome Proposal Ideas

Why propose with just one balloon if you can propose with a whole set of them?

Decorate your living room, or in fact any space, with this set of inflatable proposal balloons.

You’ll get an inflatable ring, a foil heart, air-filled “Marry Me” lettering and 28 air filled miniature balloons which are perfect for scattering. When your proposal is this extra, your partner can only say yes.

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Hire Out a Space for Just the Two of You

Awesome Proposal Ideas

Why not take your other half on a date night to remember and hire out a private space just for the two of you?

We love the idea of hiring out a capsule on the London Eye. You’ll have unforgettable city views as your backdrop for the big question, and the team will even treat you to a glass of champagne each and a box of chocolates. 

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Do it When They Least Expect It

Awesome Proposal Ideas

If you’re not one to go over-the-top and want to do something very understated, why not propose when your other half least expects it?

You could propose when they’re relaxing in bed or in the bath, or even over breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning. Who needs props anyway!

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Do it on a Romantic Holiday

Awesome Proposal Ideas

If you’ve got a romantic holiday coming up, why not propose when you’re in the sun?

We can’t think of a more romantic backdrop for your proposal than from the beach. Expedia have lots of fab deals for weekend city breaks, so book something special for your other half today. 

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Propose With Chocolates

Awesome Proposal Ideas

If your other half has a bit of a sweet tooth, treat them to this pretty box of chocolates to pop the question with.

All of the chocolates are solid and handmade in a selection of white, milk and dark chocolate with lettering on top.

To add personalisation, the blocks come with a choice of pattern and flavour, from strawberry to orange, so you can pick something your loved one will enjoy.

This idea is perfect whatever time of year you’re getting engaged.

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Bake a Cake

Awesome Proposal Ideas

If you’re a bit of a GBBO fan, let the programme inspire your proposal and showcase your baking skills.

Make a cake in your loved one’s favourite flavour, then purchase this super-cute proposal cake stencil to dust the top with icing sugar in the shape of your question. They’ll be so surprised (and you’ll get a sweet treat to celebrate with!).

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Propose With a Light Box

Awesome Proposal Ideas

Light boxes are all the rage when it comes to on-trend interiors these days, so why not give yours a little bit of a make-over and have the lettering spell out the all-important question?

You could plan a cosy night in with your loved one – cook a lovely meal and then take them through to another room where the light box will take pride of place.

Just wait and see the look on their face when they notice it...

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Now you're inspired and know how you want to propose, make sure you browse all the engagement rings on site to find the perfect one to complete your proposal.


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