17 Loving Mother of the Groom Gifts Which Will Melt Her Heart

Need ideas on how to spoil the mother of the groom after your wedding? We have the perfect selection of cute and sentimental gifts here


Planning a wedding doesn’t just involve a bride and groom and there are so many different people to give thank you cards to and buy gifts for – the mother of the groom being one of them. We have 17 of the most thoughtful and tasteful gifts that will make the present buying process so much easier! Your mother-in-law is going to fall in love with these desirable gifts. 

Silver Engraved Bracelet 

This pretty silver bracelet from Etsy is made even more special by the engraved words ‘Thank you for raising the man of my dreams’. We love the thought behind this present and the engraved words make it a really lovely personalised wedding present for the mother of the groom.

man of my dreams bracelet

Personalised Champagne Bottle

Mums usually love some posh bubbly and what better way to serve it to yours than in the form of a personalised bottle like this one from The Present Finder. Get the wedding date, your names, and a cute thank you message printed on the label. This is something which she can save and open on a special occasion, or keep as a memoir of your big day.

 personalised champagne bottle

'Reasons Why You're Wonderful' Box

This present from Bread and Jam is super cute. You can input 10 personal reasons why she is the best mother/mother-in-law ever, and they are printed and put into glass tubes. Whenever she forgets how special she is, this amazing wedding gift will be sure to remind her.

reasons why you're wonderful box

Photo Album

If you and your new hubby like to get a bit creative and are open to some DIY wedding ideas, get some supplies from a craft shop and make a really pretty and sentimental photo album. Include all of your new mother-in-law’s favourite pictures of her and the family and be sure to tell your wedding photographer beforehand to make sure he gets lots of amazing shots of her to include too.

Design Your Own Fragrance Kit

Women love to smell nice and perfume is a necessity in most ladies handbags so why not treat the mother of the groom to a fragrance making kit from The Perfume Studio. This will allow her to come up with her own potion of fragrances and every time she wears it she will be reminded of the lovely couple who bought it for her.  

 design your own fragrance

Timeline Cushion

This cushion from 2 Green Monkeys is a really thoughtful way to remind her of all the milestones in her life. You can include the year of her marriage, birth of her children, your wedding and other memorable times which she can cherish forever.

 personalised cushion

Mum Knows Best Vase

How beautiful is this ceramic vintage white and pink vase from 229 Ceramics. The mum knows best writing really does say it all and you should accompany this present with a huge bunch of flowers in the same colour schemes as your bridal bouquet to say thank you for all the help she’s given you. This will look so pretty on her dining table.

mum knows best vase

Personalised Hamper

No one knows the mother of the groom like her son and daughter in law, and you are the ones who know all of her favourite snacks, drinks and little things. Make her a ‘thank you’ hamper filled with all of these things; maybe include her favourite drink, snack, CD, movie and a little piece of jewellery that you know she’ll love.

Memory Wall Art

There are so many words and phrases that remind you of the mother of the groom and you can include all of these to make a gorgeous wall art picture like this one from Wall Spice. You could have anything from ‘really milky with three sugars’ to ‘your famous Sunday roasts’. Phrases that are specific to her will all come together to make a really touching and funny present.

mothers present wallart

A Night Off

There are plenty of ways to can treat the mother of the groom, and one special way is to pay for her to have a night doing something she loves. It may be salsa dancing lessons, a trip to the theatre, or a cocktail making class. Whatever you know she will enjoy, book it in for her and give her no choice but to go out and enjoy herself – she deserves it.

Reasons We Love You Box

This stunning glass box from Maria Allen Jewellery has space for you to share five special reasons why you love this fabulous woman. A present like this is so personal and also something which she can use on a daily basis to hold jewellery. To make it even more special, why not make it into a wedding memory box by adding memoirs from the day such as part of the wedding bouquet, a wedding favour and the invitation – that will really make her emotional!

glass box present

'Mum’s Day Off' Jumper

Planning a wedding is stressful as any couple will know, but you will also know that it is usually the mums who give a helping hand whenever they can. Why not treat her with this funny ‘mum’s day off’ jumper from Ellie Ellie to make sure she has a well-earned rest after all the wedding planning stress – she will really appreciate it.

mother jumper

Weekend Away

If you really want to go all out and spoil the woman of the hour, book a weekend away for her and the father of the groom. We have plenty of ideas when it comes to travel destinations. Depending on how much you want to spend, have a look at world destinations to elope to, or if you would prefer to kepe them close by, check out our no fly honeymoon destinations for some UK getaway inspiration. 

Wine Making Kit

What better way to wind down after a wedding than to sit on the sofa with your feet up, and drinking a nice big glass of chilled wine? The mother of the groom will definitely appreciate this Sauvignon Blanc wine making kit from The Little Kit Company. She can infuse all the flavours she loves and really enjoy that vino.

wine making kit

She’s A Star

We all know mums are stars, but why not confirm it by naming a star after her? This is something which holds great value and is a once in a lifetime present. The Star Name Registry allow you to give this statement gift, and mums really deserve it! 

Best Mummy Tray

This gift is the perfect way to remind your new mother-in-law how much you appreciate her and she will absolutely love being served breakfast in bed by the father of the groom on this gorgeous wooden engraved tray.

mothers tray personalised

Beautiful Mother Sign

This sign from Abigail Bryans Designs is so cute and has a gorgeous vintage feel to it. Giving the mother of the groom this as a present will show her how much she is valued and remind her of it every day she when looks at it.

 mother sign

There is not one of those gorgeous gifts which the mother of the groom won’t love. While you are in the mood for present shopping, why not look at how to create your wedding gift list and get some inspiration from these crazy celebrity wedding gifts


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