Must Have Shabby Chic Wedding Invitations

Your guests will love these gorgeous invitations when they land in the post


If you’ve recently just got engaged your mind will most likely be on two things – the wedding dress and the date of the big day! Whilst it may take a while to find ‘the one’ when it comes to the perfect wedding dress, one thing you do need to do as soon as you can is get the invitations sent out to your guests.

The wedding invites are usually the first glimpse your guests will have of your potential wedding theme. If you’re planning a rustic celebration or a wedding with vintage décor, shabby chic wedding invitations would be a great way to tell your guests the date of your special day.

Firstly, What is Shabby Chic?

Shabby chic is a term used to describe décor or items that have an old fashioned, homemade or slightly worn and distressed look about them – a look that would be ideal for vintage style weddings.

From homemade style cards to invites made from rustic brown card, we’ve rounded up our favourite shabby chic wedding invitations and thrown in some DIY advice to give you some inspiration. 

Eaton Cards and Stationery

We’re obsessed with this floral invite which would give your guests a sneak peek if you’re filling your wedding with vintage ideas. Although you can create your own completely bespoke design with Eaton Cards and Stationery, we think this particular design would be suitably shabby chic with its contrasting floral band and rustic string bow.

Vintage style shabby chic wedding invitation from Eaton Cards and Stationery

Not on the High Street

These simple, rustic style invites from Not on the High Street are ideal if you haven’t yet decided on a colour scheme. The brown card is broken up with retro black font and a bright red heart in between yours and your partner’s names. If you’re tying the knot in a rustic wedding venue then these shabby chic invites would be ideal – plus they’re good value for money and come in packs of 10.

Shabby chic wedding invitation from Ginger Ray on Not on the High Street, with retro style handwriting and a red heart

Image Credit: Ginger Ray at Not on the High Street

Arty couples will love these pastel watercolour wedding invitations that have big bold font, so you guests definitely won’t forget about them if they stick them on their fridge! The cleverly placed splodges of paint and the white background really makes the font stand out.

Shabby chic wedding invitation from Sincerely May at Not on the High Street that has a stylish watercolour design

Image Credit: Sincerely May at Not on the High Street

To Have & To Hold

This whimsical handmade invite from To Have & To Hold is shabby chic perfection. The typewriter font really complements the delightful, lemon coloured bunting which is made out of fabric swatches. Everything is tied together beautifully with string so it looks like a cute little parcel – your guests will love how pretty it looks!

Vintage style shabby chic wedding invitation from To Have & To Hold


These old school air mail style invites from PaperGrace are a great way to announce a travel themed celebration or an amazing destination wedding. The shabby chic wedding invitation comes in a brilliant air mail envelope with the traditional blue, red and white colours along with a brown RSVP postcard.

Quirky air mail style shabby chic wedding invitations from PaperGrace

An extremely popular summer wedding trend is to have a ‘wedfest’ – in other words, a music festival combined with a wedding! This quirky invite and ‘save the date’ are lovely to look at and have lots of little colourful touches that would be suitable for announcing a wedfest. We especially love the illustrations of the RV and wellington boots!

Shabby chic wedding invitation from PaperGrace that are ideal if you're planning a 'wedfest'

The Invite Shack

Shabby chic wedding invitations are a quirky alternative if you don’t fancy the traditional, formal stationery. The Invite Shack offer affordable wedding stationery in lots of unique designs such as this illustrated set that features lots of little bird and mason jar drawings.

Cute shabby chic wedding invitations from The Invite Shack that are decorated with illustrations and tied with twine


If you’ve already decided on a pastel colour scheme with rustic touches, these mint green invites from Etsy would be the perfect shabby chic wedding invitations. Everything is tied together with burlap and twine and finished with a beautiful heart that has the initials of you and your partner in a handwritten font. Ideal if you’re having an outdoor wedding ceremony or a reception with a nature theme.

Pastel shabby chic wedding invitations from Etsy that are tied together with burlap and twine

Image Credit: MelindaWeddingDesign at Etsy

Save the Date Number Stamps

If you’re making your own shabby chic wedding invitations, these old fashioned save the date stamps would be a brilliant addition! Plus you can make each invite more personal.

Old fashioned save the date stamps from Wedding in a Teacup that would be perfect for shabby chic wedding invitations

Image Credit: Wedding in a Teacup

Tips for DIY Shabby Chic Wedding Invitations

  • Buy lots of brown card to use as the base for the invitations.
  • Put any drawing or handwritten skills to good use and decorate your invites with lots of little illustrations for an extra personal touch – you could even do an individual drawing for each guest if you have the time!
  • Tie with brown string or twine for a rustic touch and to keep the invites and RSVP cards all together.
  • Make mini bunting for your shabby chic wedding invitations by cutting out small triangles from different coloured fabric swatches. Stick a piece of string or draw a line on your invites and carefully stick the fabric triangles along it with a thin application of glue.
  • Stick a strip of lace or patterned fabric onto your invites to add a vintage touch.
  • Add brown luggage tags to your shabby chic wedding invites and write the name of your guests. Make your own from pieces of card by cutting out rectangle shapes with one pointed end.
  • Don’t worry if your invites look a bit scruffy or dishevelled, that’s the whole idea of shabby chic!

If you need more tips on what to consider when choosing your wedding stationery, then you can browse hitched for lots more helpful advice.


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