How to Word Your Wedding Invitations if Your Parents are Divorced

Wedding invitation wording can get tricky if parents are divorced and remarried - here's how to handle it


Mr Jason Foster and Mrs Anne Foster


request the pleasure of the company of


at the marriage of their daughter

Mr Francis Baker

at St Micheal’s Church, Sandhurst, Berkshire

on Saturday 11th August 2008
at 3:00 pm

and afterwards at
The Hilton Hotel, Bracknell, Berkshire


Divorced and remarried parents can make wording your wedding invites more complicated, if they are listed as the hosts on the invites. The easiest way to deal with this is to list your parents on the wedding invites as ‘Mr X and Mrs Y’, if they are remarried. If you have just grown up with one parent, you may want to just name the parent who raised you on the wedding invite. If your parents are divorced but not remarried, then rather than refer to your parents as ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ as you would on a traditional wedding invite, write ‘Mr Smith and Mrs Smith’ on your wedding invite.