The Dos and Don’ts of Ordering Your Wedding Stationery

A handy guide to the musts and must-nots of ordering wedding invitations to make sure you get exactly what you need first time


Whether you’re ordering 10 or 1,000, the wedding invitations you send to your guests will be the most important and useful form of information that you’ll dispatch detailing information about your wedding!


To ensure you get your wedding stationery right, we’ve come up with a list of dos and don’ts when it comes to ordering your wedding invites!

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1. Do ensure the wedding invitations you choose coincide with your wedding budget. If you’re speaking to a wedding stationery designer then ensure you’re fully aware of their fees before you sign a contract. Or, if you’re designing your own stationery online, be sure you know what you’re buying and to what quality before you make your purchase.

2. Do choose a wedding invitation design that compliments your wedding colour scheme or theme. If your wedding has a vintage theme then consider wedding invitations with a vintage twist. A summer wedding demands summery wedding invitations. There are thousands of options out there!

3. Do over order when it comes to your wedding stationery. You may find that you get some regrets, meaning that you’ll need to send extra wedding invitations to your reserve guest list.

4. Do proof read! Check every word for spelling errors when it comes to your final proof on your wedding invitations. It could be disastrous if you have a spelling error on something important like the postcode of your wedding venue.

5. Do try and order your wedding invitations, thank you cards, menus, RSVP cards, place cards and more from the same supplier to guarantee consistency.

6. Do place your wedding invitation order in advance. The sooner your place your stationery order, the sooner your designer can get to work. Or the sooner the online supplier can get your order prepared for dispatch.

7. Do take advantage of speaking to wedding stationery suppliers at wedding fairs; it’s a great opportunity to touch and feel their quality on the spot.

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1. Don’t forget to let your wedding stationery designer know about every little detail that you want including on your wedding invitations.

2. Don’t send your wedding invitations out too late! You guests may have already made other plans and it will be more stressful for you when you have to chase individuals who aren’t speedy at responding.

3. Don’t forget to include details of your wedding gift list within your wedding invitation envelope — even if your list is held soley online. Your guests will want to know the details of your gift list as soon as possible.

4. Don’t forget to include postage costs on your budget when it comes to mailing your wedding stationery. Even if you send everything second class, this could really add up when it comes to the dispatch of your wedding invitations.

5. Don’t choose a wedding stationery design because it’s cheap! Choose something that you really love as it will be the first aspect of your wedding that your guests will see.

6. Don’t forget to send save the date cards out if you’ve secured a wedding date in the distant future. Sending save the date cards will ensure your initial guest list should be able to make it!

7. Don’t forget to make it clear as to whether or not children are invited to the wedding. You don’t want children appearing if you’ve got a no-children policy in your mind.

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