An Example of the Couple as Hosts for the Wedding Invitation Wording

If you're hosting your own wedding, here's how to write your wedding invitations to reflect that


Miss Helen Foster and Mr Francis Baker

request the pleasure of


at their marriage
at Westminster Register Office, W1

on Friday 10th August 2008
at 10:00 am

and afterwards for lunch at
The Sheraton Hotel, W1

If you are paying for your own wedding, then it should be clear on your wedding invites that the invitation is coming from you as the bride and groom, and not either sets of parents. Traditional wedding invites often show parents as the host of the wedding, as typically they would pay for the day. If, however you have spent years saving up for your dream day and your parents are not getting involved with the cost, then its natural to think that the invite would come from you as a couple.  With both of your names on the invites, the RSVP cards can be sent directly back to you, as this will put you in more control of your day.


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