An Example of Reception Only Wedding Invitation Wording

If you're inviting guests to just the wedding reception, make sure you word your invitations correctly so they don't get the wrong idea

Mr and Mrs Jason Foster
request the pleasure of



at a reception
at The Hilton Hotel, Bracknell

on Saturday 11th August 2008
at 3:00 pm

following the marriage of their daughter

Mr Francis Baker


If you’re sending wedding invites to guest attending the reception part of your wedding only, then you need to be very specific on the invite when it comes to timings and location. You wouldn’t want people showing up to your wedding ceremony or wedding breakfast if they have only been sent an invite to the evening reception. You should send wedding reception invites out well in advance of your wedding so that guests have enough time to RSVP, and in order to give you enough time to sort out the final numbers when it comes to catering. Reception invites can be purchased at the same time as the rest of your wedding stationery, but it may be a good idea to order more invites than you actually need; that way, if you receive regrets then you may be able to invite people on your reserve wedding guest list.