A Guide to Writing Wedding Thank You Cards

Read our top tips to kick-start writing your wedding thank you cards and find out everything you need to know


After all the excitement of your wedding day, it’s easy to get swept up in all the post wedding emotions and fun – opening your gifts, looking at your wedding photos and going on your honeymoon, but you still have one important wedding stationery task to do – writing your wedding thank you cards.

Wedding thank you notes

Wedding thank you card from Etsy.

To help get you started we take a look at some top tips for writing your wedding thank notes.

Actually Send Them

This might sound like a simple one but so many couples neglect to send wedding thank you notes. After your guests have taken the time and effort to come to your wedding and have likely bought you a wedding gift then it’s only polite that you say thank you.

...And in a Timely Fashion

It’s general wedding etiquette that you should send your wedding thank you notes within three months of your big day.

List Your Gifts as You Open Them

You want your wedding thank you notes to be personal so as you open your wedding gifts, write down who gave you which gift, that way you can thank the specifically rather than thanking for “the gift”.

Handwrite Your Thank You Notes

Yes it takes ages but this is one of the times when you need to make the time and effort to handwrite your notes.

Make the Message Personal

Try and thank each guest in a personal way, it’s such a rare thing to write a note to each person you care about so put a bit of extra effort into it.

Keep It Natural

This is your opportunity to write a note to your closest family and friends, keep your tone relaxed and informal and you will find it much easier to write your notes.

Thank Your Guests for Their Presence and Their Presents

As well as thanking you guests for the gift, also thank them for sharing in your special day with you, after all that’s the really important bit (unless you got a particularly awesome wedding present that is!).

Put in as Much Effort as You Did with the Rest of Your Wedding

If you sent a beautiful wedding invitation, had a gorgeous wedding and a stunning dress then don’t let yourself down on the last hurdle by rushing your thank you notes. Why not order the cards from the same stationery maker? You can often get discount for bulk purchases.

Make Use of Your Wedding Photos

Your thank you notes can be a perfect way to show off some of your beautiful wedding pictures – why not send personalised photo thank you cards featuring one of your favourite pics.

Don’t Blow Your Last Bit of Budget

If you are concerned about blowing the last of your wedding budget on elaborate thank you notes then there is no need to worry – a budget friendly option that still looks great would be to send wedding thank you post cards, saving you money on the cost of envelopes.

Have you ordered your thank you notes yet? The hitched wedding stationery section has a stunning selection of photo thank you cards, or for pretty handmade cards browse our directory of local wedding stationery suppliers.


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