Honeymoons in November

November is a great time to enjoy your honeymoon in the Caribbean.


November is a great time to enjoy your honeymoon in the Caribbean. There are plenty of gorgeous islands to choose from such as Barbados, St Lucia and St Kitts & Nevis. You can enjoy a pleasant temperature of 24-30°C in throughout the month. Why not tour the island of Barbados, try a 4WD safari and relax in a spa. Discover St Lucia’s stunning scenery by bike and enjoy your luxury beach front resort. Explore the 213m high Brimstone Hill fort and white & black sand beaches, fringed with palm trees on St Kitts & Nevis.

Mauritius, in the India Ocean, is fantastic in November and it offers white sandy beaches, warm blue seas and stunning inland scenery. It is a perfect paradise for your honeymoon. Travel across the island and back in a day and explore the island’s waterfalls, seven coloured volcanic rock formations and sugar cane fields with impressive mountain backdrops.

The Maldives islands, south of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, bring to life the picture post card image of white beaches, palm trees shading you by the pool and turquoise warm seas. The island’s large lagoons give you the opportunity to snorkel to view beautiful coral gardens and the vast choice of resorts and secluded over water bungalows will let you relax in style. Time your trip to experience the parades and celebrations of Republic Day, celebrated in November.

November is the beginning of the summer season in South Africa, so a great destination to enjoy some winter sun. The country has fantastic and diverse scenery from the beaches along the Garden Route, the mountains and green valleys of Drakensberg to the plains of the Kruger National Park. Experience a spectacular safari and spot ‘The Big Five’ wildlife, enjoy a wine tour of the world famous vineyards and view the whole of Cape Town from a cable car ride up to Table Mountain.


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