Honeymoons in March

In March the weather starts to deteriorate in many northern hemisphere countries but if you are clos


In March the weather starts to deteriorate in many northern hemisphere countries but if you are close enough to the equator in places such as the Maldives and Mauritius the weather is still gorgeous.

As well as fantastic weather it is also out of the more expensive times to travel such as the New Year and Christmas. You can relax on the white sand beaches, lined with palm trees and immerse yourselves in the culture of the islands.

The Caribbean is also great in March and if you are honeymoon couple you might want to consider small islands such as St Kitts. Here you can enjoy a perfect honeymoon spot with white sand beaches, sparkling blue sea and that all important seclusion. You can take a catamaran cruise, scuba dive among the colourful tropical fish and explore over 200 Historical sights. In March you can also time your trip to coincide with one of the many festivals.

Other great secluded hotspots in the Caribbean include Trinidad and Tobago which are at the southernmost islands of the Caribbean. They enjoy a relative calm away from the big resorts of their northern neighbours. Stunning beaches and spectacular waters are the obvious highlights, but the islands also offer incredible scenery and wildlife, not to mention the vibrant culture, lively music and great food. The relaxed pace of life and lack of large-scale tourism development really adds to the character and charm of these friendly islands.

March also allows you to experience the wet season in some safari destinations such as South Africa. The rain offers lots of opportunity for river safaris and the unique opportunity to see the Victoria Falls in full flow. Further south in you can visit Kruger National Park, see the stunning views of the garden route along the South African coast and enjoy the vibrancy of a stay in Cape Town, where you can dive with sharks, take a cable car up to Table Mountain, enjoy a wine tasting tour, laze on the beach and even spot penguins.


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