Honeymoons in August

For your honeymoon in August why not try the island of Zanzibar


For your honeymoon in August why not try the island of Zanzibar, locally known as the ‘Spice Island’. It is a stunning island off the coast of Tanzania. Enjoy a local dish or sip on a cocktail at a beach restaurant and watch the waves break in the beautiful sea of blues and turquoise. Learn to scuba dive, explore the main hub of Stonetown and take a spice tour through the villages to really immerse you in the local culture.

If you are looking for a more active honeymoon in August then why not try a safari in Botswana. August has the weather is at a perfect temperature and you are bound to see lots of wildlife in places such as the Chobe National Park. Wildlife also comes in search of natural waterhole’s, making viewing incredible. Spot ‘The Big Five’ and be prepared to take many a photo of the sun setting behind an Acacia tree with the silhouette or a giraffe or elephant, creating that picture postcard moment.

Italy offers a classic style of honeymoon. Drift and wind along the many canals of Venice, explore Rome’s Colosseum and Naples’ stunning palace and castles. Accommodation ranges from beach front resorts, luxury city centre hotels, lake side bungalows and even ski resort accommodation, taking advantage of the snow free hills for romantic walks.

Off the west coast of Italy, Sardinia is a beautiful island getaway with stunning scenery and historic stone ruins throughout the country. Luxury beach resorts and more secluded hotels can be found around the whole coast, giving you relaxation on the beach with easy access to the island’s cultural sights and local traditions.

The stunning beach resorts and hill top villas of the island of Bali, in Indonesia, make a perfect honeymoon destination. Take a tour of the island, visit the cultural town of Ubud high in the lush hills or simply relax by the sea with a beach massage. The 17th of August is Independence Day, giving you a chance to experience a Balinese lively celebration.

Hawaii starts its three month long ‘Ahola Festival’ in August, celebrating dance, music and history to highlight and uphold the country’s traditions. Join in or simply experience the festivities from the stunning beaches on one of the six islands that make up this tropical paradise.


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