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Narrowing your choice should be easy once you have figured out what type of weather you want to enco


Having trouble deciding on where to spend your honeymoon? Narrowing your choice should be easy once you have figured out what type of weather you want to encounter on your trip. Great weather will no doubt keep your moods up and give you maximum opportunity to explore your destination to its full potential. Below we have narrowed down the most popular destinations by month, so you can plan according to when your wedding is going to take place.

January & February

Obviously great for the adventurous winter sport fanatics. Canada and parts of Europe like Switzerland and France are great ski destinations, and winter wonderland can play a big part on the romantic front.


A suggestion for a March honeymoon could be South Africa. It is the end of their summer, so the weather is not too hot. Southern parts of the United States such as the Florida keys or Hawaii are also a lovely temperature at this time of year.


Just getting into spring in the UK, but perfect weather for South America, or even the Bahamas. A cruise could also be an option off of the Florida coast and around the Caribbean.

May & June

Thailand is a great spot for May honeymoons. The weather is not too hot, and you beat the school summer holiday rush and prices. Closer destinations for the European traveler are France, Italy or Spain. Comfortable weather and beautiful lakes and scenery are best seen at this time.

July & August

Heating up in the UK, but central and southern Africa are also looking good, along with far away islands in Malaysia and Thailand. You are also by passing any monsoon season in the Far East by traveling at this time of year.


When the weather is changing for the worse in the Western hemisphere, it is becoming lovely in Australia. The wide range of cities and beautiful coastlines in Australia are best seen during this month. The climate is wonderful all up and down the vast continent, and you could stretch this destination out with maybe a multi stop in Singapore, or even as part of a round the world honeymoon.


Bali Indonesia is special at this time of year. The perfect combination of hot weather but cooler evenings really makes for a great relaxing climate and the weather is not too unbearable that you won’t want to experience the culture.


Australia & New Zealand are very pleasant at this time of year, just when the UK is reaching its cold winter months. Although the travel is long haul, there is certainly loads to do once you get there. On the other hand, a colder climate getting back into the winter wonderland type honeymoon could be Canada again or parts of the United States such as Colorado.


A busy time to travel due to the festive season, but central and southern Africa would be prime for your warmer climates at this time of year, and again sticking to the colder climates, Canada, New York and all other parts of New England in the United States would certainly satisfy your frosty cravings.


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