Wedding Trivia: 33 Weird and Wacky Wedding Facts

We have the craziest and most interesting wedding trivia that will simply blow your mind - why not test your guests?


There are plenty of things that we all know about weddings. There’s a happy couple, they say I do and then everyone has an amazing party. How about some things you don’t know?

You won’t believe some of these crazy facts, and nor will your guests – why not use them to make a trivia quiz as a wedding table game and test everyone’s wedding knowledge.

Women in the Kitchen

The original meaning of the world bride was actually just ‘cook’ – We don’t think this one will go down too well.



Mr Steal Your Girl

Rumour has it, if the groom doesn’t turn up to the wedding, it is the best man’s responsibility to take over and marry the bride. Awkward if he’s married or even worse, your brother…



Sapphires Are Forever?

In the world of sparkly stuff, sapphires are considered a sign of marital happiness – and they are pretty beautiful too. We have the most stunning range of sapphire engagement rings for real inspo.

oval sapphire ring


Viva Las Vegas

Out of all the different destination weddings you have to chose from, Las Vegas is the most popular with more than 100,000 weddings there every year and Hawaii is second, home to 25,000 each year.

vegas edit


To The Left, To The Left

The bride standing on the left of the groom originates from times where the groom would have to use his left hand to fight off other suitors. We bet their ‘Is there anyone here who has any reason why they shall not be married’ moment was an absolute nightmare!



Prison Wedding

The Guinness World Record for the largest wedding in a prison is currently held by Carandiru prison where 120 inmates married their fiancés in the year 2000.


Pinch, Punch

Ouch! Egyptian brides are pinched by female guests to wish them luck.



How Much!?

If your (future) husband ever complains that your wedding dress was, or is too expensive, politely remind him that the most expensive dress on this earth cost a staggering 12.2 million dollars, the equivalent to almost 8.2 million British pounds. The costly gown was designed by Martin Katz and Renee Strauss and had 150 carats of diamonds.



Alright Treacle?

An interesting Scottish tradition may scare you if you have a fiancé with Celtic roots. The bride and groom were rumoured to be taken out on the day before their wedding and soaked through in alcohol, then covered in treacle, feathers, flour and ash by their loved ones. Apparently this kept the evil spirits away – don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Let Them Eat Cake

Queen Victoria’s wedding cake weighed a massive 300lbs. Can you beat that?



The Month of May

Folk law says that May is the most unlucky month to marry in – we say, marry in May and have the perfect country garden wedding.


Raise Your Brows

As eyebrows weren’t always considered particularly alluring in the East, brides would shave theirs off before they wed. Crazy girls.



Teamwork Rules

It’s not all about the bride these days, as more than 40% of couples now share the wedding planning and do tasks together.


Kiss Kiss

The people of Sweden have a kissing tradition where any time the bride or groom leaves the table to use the bathroom; the other gets kissed by anyone and everyone of the opposite sex. That could get awkward…



‘Three Times A Bridesmaid’

The saying ‘three times a bridesmaid never a bride’ dates way back to the sixteenth century where people believed that if a young woman had been to three weddings as a bridesmaid and not caught the eye of any suitor, she would never marry. But don’t panic singletons, the curse is said to be broken after a woman is a bridesmaid seven times. If Katherine Heigl can do it in 27 Dresses, so can you.



Behind the Veil

The bridal veil had an original purpose of protecting the bride from evil spirits according to the ancient Greeks and Romans.


Everybody Get Down! 

In the French Polynesian island of Maruesas, the bride’s relatives would have to all lay down on the floor face down on the dirt after the reception. This would form a human rug which the bride and groom would then walk across. Muddy wedding outfits? No thank you. 



Opposites Attract

Brides and grooms in Denmark would traditionally dress up as each other to confuse evil spirits. It may sound wacky, but it could make for a hilarious unusual wedding theme.


A Whale of a Time

Most men find it hard enough to pluck up the courage to ask the father of the bride’s permission to propose – imagine how men in Fiji feel. They are expected to not only ask permission, but to offer a whale’s tooth as well. Unless you know of a shop which sells such a body part, we can only imagine one other way of obtaining a tooth from the largest mammal on earth – yikes!



Who Wore It First?

The tradition that brides wear a white dress in the western world was started by Queen Victoria in 1840. Until she set the trend, brides wore their finest gown to wed their groom. Japan happened to be way ahead of Queen Victoria as white was always the preferred colour for brides.


Dance Like No One’s Watching

An old wives' tale says that if a woman’s two younger sisters married before her, she must dance barefoot at the wedding to prevent never finding herself a man.



Crumbs, My Hair!?

Italians used to break a loaf of bread over the bride’s head for good luck, and that is where the wedding cake tradition originated from. Surely they should know not to mess with a bride’s wedding hair. Thank you Italy!



You the Man!

Spartan culture is home to an interesting act whereby brides would shave their head and dress up like a man before her groom to be steals her – we didn’t see that one coming.



This is Sparta

Another Spartan tradition is the stag do. That’s where it came from. In fifth century Sparta, the military compatriots would celebrate and toast to the eve of the wedding, similar to the eve of a battle (their words not ours.)



A German Work Out

German newlyweds have to instantly show the strength of their marital bond by sawing a log in half in front of each and every guest – that’s sure to break a sweat.


Baby Faced Bride

You may think you know a young fiancé, but we definitely win… One of the earliest engagement rings given out was to Henry VIII’s daughter Princess Mary, when she was just two years old.



Passport Secret

Although you legally change your surname when you sign the wedding documents at the ceremony, you can change your passport to your new marital name before you officially get married.


Tree Hugging

In India it is considered lucky and a symbol of protection to be married to…wait for it… a tree. They're not much good at DIY around the house, but each to their own.



Sweet Treat

Tucking a sugar cube into your glove on your wedding day is apparently good luck according to the Greeks – and if you get hungry during the ceremony you could even snack on it.



Chickens Lend A Hand

In Ireland, to ensure fertility, the newlywed couple would tie a hen that was soon to lay an egg to their bed. What an egg-stremely strange Irish wedding tradition.


Eight-Legged Luck

Us Brits believe that finding a spider in your wedding dress means good luck. I think we’ll take the bad luck?



Weekday Wedding Trivia

In English tradition, marrying on a Monday is for wealth, Tuesday for health and Wednesday is apparently the ‘best day’. So if anyone complains about your weekday wedding, hit them with that fact!


All The Single Ladies

Attention single ladies: Legend has it that if you sleep with a slice of groom’s cake under your pillow, you will dream of your future husband. Fingers crossed Leonardo DiCaprio walks into your dreams whilst you’re counting sheep.


Those wacky traditions really are out there, and if you are a bride who likes shocking your guests, why not match the tradition with an amazing unusual wedding dress or have your whole wedding in an unusual theme. Thinking outside the box is totally okay when it comes to planning your big day.


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