Wedding Table Games: The Best Ice Breakers

Get the conversation flowing between your guests with these fun wedding table games - they'll definitely help to break the ice


We have plenty of fun wedding ideas on hitched, including wedding table games which will help to keep your guests entertained as they take their seats for the wedding breakfast. We’ve got 13 fun games, including some free printable PDFs so you can make sure your friends and family are entertained all day long.

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I Spy

This is a great way to keep children entertained at your wedding, but the young at heart adults might enjoy it too. You can provide disposable cameras as part of children’s favour bags, or rely on everyone having a smart phone. Hand out these lists of must-have pictures for them to snap – it’s a great way to make sure you have all photo ops covered. We’ve got lots of wedding favours for children if you’re looking for more ideas.

I Spy Wedding game from hitched

Download our hitched I-Spy game

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Mad Libs

Mad Libs will definitely give you a giggle after the wedding day, and will give your guests something to laugh and chat about between courses. Give each guest a Mad Libs card complete with blank spaces for them to fill in – you may be surprised with what they come back with!

Mad Libs wedding game from hitched

Download our hitched Mad Libs game

Date Night Ideas

Leave a jar or envelope out on your wedding reception tables labelled ‘Date Night Ideas’ and encourage your guests to add their own romantic, adventurous or exciting date night ideas for you to embark on. It’s up to you whether you commit to doing all of them, but it’s a guaranteed way to make sure married life is full of fun.

Wedding table games - date jar

Image credit: LulaWithLove on Etsy

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Table Name Books

If you’re opting for table numbers, leave books marked with the matching number on your tables and encourage your guests to write messages in them. You can then read those messages on the anniversary that matches the number on the book.


Guess Who

This is one for crafty couples who love a bit of DIY. Replace the characters in Guess Who with pictures of the wedding party and get your tables to all play personalised Guess Who!

Personalised guess who

Image credit: TovahPhotography on Etsy

Board Games

Why not name each of your tables after board games? You could then incorporate that into your centrepiece. We’re not talking Twister here, but games like Pictionary and Jenga will work perfectly and will help to break the ice. Maybe leave out Monopoly – you want your guests to get up and dance at some point...


Wedding Speech Sweepstake

Are you guests the gambling kind? Poke a little gentle fun at the bridal party by leaving out wedding speech sweepstakes for your guests to gamble with. They don’t have to bet money – it could be sweets from their favour boxes or a drink at the bar. Make sure the rules are clear though – no one is allowed to check with any of the speech givers to find out how long their speech will be, and there must be a designated time keeper on each table who decides the winner.

hitched Wedding Speeches Sweepstake Game

hitched Wedding Speeches Sweepstake Game

Download our Wedding Speeches Sweepstake Game

Wedding Speech Bingo

Add (even more) pressure to the speech makers by providing everyone with a copy of wedding speech bingo! Black out random hearts on the sheet below to mix up the odds a bit more, and hand it out. First guest to shout out bingo (and totally throw off the best man just as he launches into a super embarrassing story) wins a prize!

Wedding speech bingo from hitched

Download our hitched Speech Bingo game

Find Your Match

If you see a wedding as the perfect opportunity to match make, don’t miss out on a chance to play Make Your Match. On the back of each guests’ place card, write one half of a famous coupling. It could be celeb couples or just well-known pairings such as gin and tonic, salt and vinegar etc. Your guests must then visit each of the tables to find their perfect match – if you have always thought your work bestie would be perfect for your partner’s football friend, now’s the time to set the wheels in motion...

Find your match place cards

Image credit: Hyatt Regency Birmingham


Fact Cards

Provide fact cards for your guests to fill in – they can either write one interesting fact, have them shuffled and then everyone has to guess who each fact belongs too, or you can have them write down three facts – two true and one fake. The rest of their table then have to guess which fact is the fake. This is a great way to get your guests chatting and laughing together.


Dare You

Mischevious brides and grooms will love the idea of leaving dares out for their wedding guests. They can be as silly or as cheeky as you like. Either leave them in a bowl to be plucked out at random, or be inspired by this dare dice, with a different dare on each side. Make sure there’s a suitable forfeit for those who bow out!

Wedding dare cards

Image credit: PaperBuzz at Not on the High Street


Ice Breakers

Couples who are concerned that your guests might not naturally spark up conversation should leave ice breakers on the table. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can leave out a set of sentences they have to finish, to be read aloud to the rest of the table, or you can personalise it by placing a jar of facts you’ve already put together on the table. The guests then have to read these out and guess who they belong to. For example one guest will read out: “I can down a pint in 10 seconds.” Everyone might guess it’s Pete from the groom’s rugby team, until your 18 year old cousin reveals it’s actually her!


A Song and Dance

This is a great idea if you’re on the hunt for creative wedding table name ideas. Name your tables after amazing songs and put a notice on each table revealing that they have to get up and dance when their song is played. This is a great way to make sure the dance floor is full when the evening party gets underway. You could even award prizes for the best dancer from each table and for the most keen to get on the dance floor.

Wedding song table names

Image credit: MadebyMillieandMe on Etsy

Once you’ve decided on your wedding table games, why not read about 21 ways to entertain your wedding guests? Your guests will never want your wedding day to end.


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