The Most Romantic Christmas Presents For Your Fiancé or Fiancée

You are about to spend Christmas with your future husband or wife so some seriously sensational presents are in order


After all the signs you’re with the person you’re going to marry became apparent, it was obviously time to get engaged!

Spending your first Christmas with your fiancé is a really special feeling that you want to embrace, and one way to make it extra amazing is to get an unforgettable Christmas present for your fiancé and we have the most romantic ideas.

Christmas Presents You Will Both Love

Some of the best Christmas presents for your other half are things that can be bought for either of you, or items that are for sharing and using together.

‘Engaged Af’ T-Shirt

Engaged AF tshirt

Whether it’s a slouchy tee for your special lady or you buy two to be matching, this ‘engaged af’ t-shirt from Tootoz is light hearted and super funny. You can post a cute Christmas day Instagram picture showing off your gallons of love for each other – your friends will love it.

Special Places Print 

special places print

The journey that lead up to your amazing engagement is likely to have involved lots of landmark places that the two of you have shared special moments in. Give your fiancé the gift of memories and get them this special places print from Sarah Hurley where you can choose the locations that totally tell your love story.

Bride and Groom to Be Socks

Fiance Christmas socks

Everyone needs special Christmas day socks and these bride and groom to be pairs from Solesmith are just adorable. You could even save them for your stag and hen do’s and both wear them (girls maybe just keep them in your bag for if your heels hurt on your night out)!

Wedding Day Countdown Chalkboard 

Wedding countdown chalkboard

As the wedding draws closer and closer, day by day, it’s important to know exactly how long is left until you’re officially married whether it’s five days or 500. This adorable chalk board from Bobby Loves Rosie is the perfect present to get your other half even more excited for the wedding.

‘Our Song’ Record Print 

Our Song print gift idea

If you have already decided on your first dance song, it’s definitely worth investing in this ‘our song’ print from The Drifting Bear Co. Getting your first dance record printed into something you can hang up and keep in your house is a super romantic present for your fiancé.

Personalised Passport Holders 

Matching passport covers

As well as getting excited for the wedding day, you will also have tonnes of excitement about the amazing honeymoon destination that you’re planning to visit. To travel in style, why not buy you and your fiancé these matching leather passport holders from Maxwell Scott Bags that you can have personalised. 

‘You Will Forever Be My Always’ Print 

Forever be my always

Expressing your love for your fiancé can literally never get old, so make sure they know exactly how much they mean to you by buying them this romantic framed quote from Here's To Us. 'You will forever be my always' is such a cute and realistic statement that will just make their heart melt.

Reasons Why You’re Wonderful 

reasons why you're wonderful

Carrying on the trend of being romantic, this amazing box of reasons why your wonderful from Bread & Jam lets you personalise each bottle with a love message that your fiancé will adore opening. It’s something that they can keep forever and always look back on with happiness and good memories.

Future Mr and Mrs Mugs

MR and Mrs Mugs

These lovely future husband and wife mugs from Hope and Halcylon can be bought separately, but why not treat your fiancé AND yourself to a set? That way you can enjoy every engaged coffee together with your matching mugs, always celebrating your upcoming nuptials.

‘With My Whole Heart For My Whole Life’ 

Romantic print

What a beautiful phrase, ‘With my whole heart for my whole life’ is a promise and if that is what you want your fiancé to know, then this insanely romantic framed quote from GGs Printables has to be on your Christmas shopping list.

Personalised Love Notes 

Love notes christmas gift

You can never tell your partner how much you love them and what you love about them enough. These personalised love notes from Martha Brook give the one you love something to look at when they are feeling a bit down, or they are discovering all the things they hates about wedding planning – it can act as a great pick-me-up.

‘I Love You to Pieces’ Key Ring

Love you to pieces keyring

Having a gift full of love, that you can carry around with you is perfect and we really love the puzzle pieces in this key ring from Oh So Cherished. It has a deeper meaning than its face-value which just you and your partner will know about.

‘Our Year’ Print 

Our year print

Considering it's very likely you got engaged this year, having an ‘our year’ print from Jen Roffe is even more important this Christmas. It gives you the opportunity to sum up your highlights with your partner for the year and they will love reading and appreciating your best moments with them.

To My Fiancé or Fiancée Gift Tag

Fiance gift tags

All of your fiancé gifts, whether it’s to your bride or husband to be, need to look amazing wrapped up so make sure you have plenty of these ‘to my fiancé’ gift tags from The Two Wagtails on standby. There won’t be many more Christmases where you get to embrace being engaged as the wedding draws ever closer so make the most of it!

Christmas Gifts For Your Fiancée

Your bride to be deserves something truly beautiful on her first Christmas as your fiancée, whether it’s an expensive and extravagant gift, or something small and cute, it has to have good thoughts behind it.

Last Christmas as a Miss

LAst Christmas as a miss jumper

Celebrate the fact it's going to be the last Christmas the one you love is a miss by giving them this cosy jumper from Cre8tive Branding.

Future Mrs Onesie 

future mrs onesie

Every girl needs an onesie, and every bride-to-be needs this future Mrs onesie. You can order it personalised to get your surname on it and your fiancée can wear it around the house with pride, and then replace it with a ‘just married’ one once you tie the knot.

Future Mrs Knickers 

Future Mrs Christmas Gifts

These adorable future Mrs knickers from Livi & Belle are the perfect complementary garment for the fiancée onesie and your bride-to-be will absolutely love them.

The Future Super Awesome Mrs...

Future mrs mug

Let your future wife enjoy her engaged life with this adorable future Mrs mug from Owl & Otter. Every morning when she enjoys her tea of coffee, she will be reminded of the wonderful future she has to look forward to.

Bride to Be Tote Bag

Bride to be tote bag

We love the idea of using this bride-to-be tote bag from Blossoming Brides to hold all of your fiancée’s presents in – call it the modern day fiancée stocking!

Christmas Gifts For Your Fiancé

Husbands-to-be need Christmas presents too and we have such a suave selection of gifts that the men in your lives will love.

Whisky Tumbler 

whisky tumbler

This personalised whisky tumbler from Becky Broome will definitely put a smile on your future husband’s face. It has hilarious measurements on it that every man can relate to.

Italian Leather Card Holder 

Leather card holder for Christmas

Every man needs a smart card holder to keep all of his hard earned money safe and sound. This Italian leather card holder from Maxwell Scott Bags can be personalised with his initials and is so dapper looking. If your future husband likes the finer things in life, he will definitely love this.

Wedding Date Card 

Wedding date card reminder

Your fiancé can have that card holder on one condition…that he saves room for one more card. This wedding date card from Clouds and Currents needs to hold a special place in his new wallet as it can remind him every day of when his wedding is (not that he’ll ever forget) and it can stay in his card holder long after the wedding too.

‘World's Okayest Fiancé’ T-Shirt 

Ok fiance Christmas gift

If your other half has a sense of humour and is always taking the micky out of you, get him back with this mediocre ‘world’s okayest fiancé’ t-shirt from Warya T-Shirts – it’s sure to create a few giggles and laughs on Christmas day, even if they don’t come from your fiancé!

Leather Hodall

leather weekend holdall

Are you and your partner planning a mini-moon in the UK after the wedding, or just fancy packing light for your incredible honeymoon destination? If so, your man needs to be travelling in style and style is exactly what this leather holdall from NV London Calcutta epitomises.

Storyteller Bracelet 

story teller bracelet

Every love story is special, especially yours, which is why we love this personalised story bracelet from Sally Clay. The leather accessory is stylish and masculine and you can get special moments from your relationship personalised onto the cuffs. It can be worn as a bracelet or pendant so your partner has the choice.

Every present needs a card to go with and our selection of gorgeous Christmas cards for your fiancé will have you spoiled for choice or start browsing our shop for the prettiest Christmas gift ideas for your other half.


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