The Emotional Stages of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Being a bridesmaid is fun for a lot of reasons, but one thing that never quite goes to plan is the bridesmaid shopping experience...


Bring a bridesmaid consists of many duties; some fun, some exciting and some that are downright stressful. One bridesmaid duty that's a combination of all the above, is shopping for your bridesmaid dresses.

If you've ever been a bridesmaid, or a bride going shopping with your girls, you'll recognise every one of these emotional stages.

Yay We’re Bridesmaids and We Love Each Other


The process of bridesmaid dress shopping starts the minute you found out you were going to be a bridesmaid. You’re all over the moon that you’ve been chosen and just can’t wait to get started on choosing the dresses.

The Pre-Shopping Group Chat


Before the actual shopping begins, there’s always a group chat discussion where everyone starts to discuss what styles, shapes and colours they like.

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‘Kate Has Sent Another Image’


Print screens and URL’s start flying in from Pinterest boards and fashion sites of what each BM thinks you should wear, and there's always some pretty interesting suggestions.

The Bride’s Vision


Despite your preferences, the bride’s colour scheme and wedding style will ultimately define what bridesmaid dresses you end up wearing. Whether it’s your dream style or your worst nightmare, you kind of just have to deal with it and hope for the best.

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Arranging a Date to Go Shopping


Arranging a date for anything is difficult when there’s lots of busy females involved. Don’t let this stress you out, eventually there’ll be a date you can all do, even if it is in two years’ time.

Pre-Shopping Anxiety


What if you hate all the bridesmaid dresses? What if everyone loves a dress and you’re the only one who hates it, but you don’t want to cause a fuss and ruin the whole wedding by hating the one dress that everyone loves? ...That’s it, you’re not going.

It'll Be Fine


BREATHE, just breathe! There are a million dresses out there and there’s bound to be one that you all like, right?

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The Shopping Day is Here


This is when things start to get really exciting. The shopping day has arrived and you’re all in high spirits, getting along really well and can’t wait to get started.

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Everything Looks Awful


Yep, this will happen. You’ll try on a few dresses and one, if not all of you will dislike something about each and every one.

No One Can Agree


If you thought trying to agree on a shopping date was hard, try finding a bridesmaid dress that everyone will agree to wear. It’s NOT easy.

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Too Many Opinions


With shopping, comes opinions, and trust us when we say, no one will keep these to themselves. As polite as people try and make them sound, the tension will be there.

We’re Getting Somewhere


Finally, things start to look up. You’ve agreed on a style, colour or at least shape that flatters all of you and you’ll be welcoming this tiny bit of progress with open arms.

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Lunch Time


Time for a drink? Erm, YES. Stopping off for lunch and a bit of bubbly is exactly what you ladies need at this stage. People were starting to get hangry and no one should make decisions when they’re hangry.

Passive-Aggressive Table Talk


As fun as bridesmaid dress shopping is, it’s really tiring. People’s patience will be wearing thin so just prepare yourself for a potentially awkwardd lunch date.

Let’s Start Again


After lunch comes a fresh start. The progress you made before has set a good vibe for the next shop and people are starting to agree on things.

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You Actually Agree on a Dress


Wait, is this actually happening? You’ve all decided on one dress. It’s a miracle, pigs are actually flying, we’ve seen them with our own eyes!

Let the Catwalk Commence


You’re all feeling yourselves, you all like the dress, that can only mean one thing…catwalk!

No, You Look Amazing


Now you've decided on your dresses, the compliments are flying around. So overwhelmed with the fact you've actually picked one, you all can't wait to tell one another how amazing they look.

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Did We Just Buy a Dress?


Hold on, as if things couldn’t get any better, you’ve bought the dress. THE DRESS IS BOUGHT!

Yay, Let's Celebrate


Suddenly, as if the past has deleted itself, it’s like no conflict had ever happened. No one ever disagreed on any dresses and you all wanted that one all along? Really?

Love is Back in the Air


You all love each other again. Everyone is back to the whole “OMG we’re bridesmaids” stage and the mood is lifted even more now that you’ve chosen the dresses. Hallelujah!

Now you know what to expect from your bridesmaid shopping experience, make sure you’re educated on what not to say to your fellow bridesmaids!


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