Spontaneous Engagement Ring Ideas

If the mood strikes you suddenly and you HAVE to propose, we have a fun list of spontaneous engagement ring ideas to help you!


If you’ve all of a sudden decided that you need to propose right this very minute, or you’ve reached the top of the altar and realised that you’ve completely forgotten your wedding rings at home, below are some emergency engagement and wedding ring ideas to help you pop the question or get married on the spot!


The Haribo Ring – sweet, and soft enough to fit around any size finger. Pop to the nearest news agent and pick up a bag.

The Onion Ring – it will be sure to make her cry!


The Earring – if she’s wearing hoops simply ask to borrow one for a minute.

The Hula Hoop Ring – choose from plain, beef or salt and vinegar.

The Key-Ring – simply pop your hand in your pocket and remove your keys.

The Curtain Ring – it will be worth destroying the house for.

A String Ring – all you need is scissors and the ability to tie a little knot.

The Loom Band Ring – sold in packets of hundreds all over the place — fashion your own engagement ring in minutes or find a 7 year old to do it for you!


Image courtesy of Loom Band Love

The Washer Ring – simply delve in to your toolbox to find the perfect proposal piece.

The Stem Ring – pick a daisy and split the stem, as if you were making a daisy chain. It will probably only last the day, but it’s the thought that counts!

The Toe Ring – you might want to clean it before presenting it to your future husband or wife!

A Teething Ring – anyone got a baby you can borrow?

The Ring Donut – Pop to your nearest Krispy Kreme and order her favourite flavour.


The Telephone Ring – ring her mobile and pop the question on the line.

The Borrowed Ring – borrow a ring off a stranger or a friend — it can also double up as her ‘something borrowed’.

A Napkin Ring – are you close to a restaurant at all?

A Faux Ring – if you’re not sure of what ring she’d actually like, pop to your nearest Claire’s Accessories and buy a fake ring.

This option is ideal if you don’t know what style of engagement ring your partner would like. Why not shop for the perfect engagement or wedding ring together?


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